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  • (#3) Cementland

    From Redditor /u/murraythedog

    Cementland in St. Louis.

    An artist known for creating the town’s renowned City Museum, basically an adult jungle gym in an old downtown office building, tried to outdo himself by turning an abandoned cement factory into the same thing. He did a lot of it himself and died when his bulldozer flipped over.

    The site now has these creepy carnival-style painted concrete domes along the street and giant abandoned machinery behind them.

  • (#8) The Bombing Site

    From Redditor /u/Pichikuin

    I once was cruising along Arizona or California on Google Maps (satellite mode) and had gone way way way off the beaten path. Like, it was only desert, for miles, and the only “road” I had seen was a dried up stream bed.

    Then suddenly I came across this bizarre carving in the ground. It was huge. I can best describe it as a circle, with increasing, smaller circles inside. It had a small metal building next to it and that was it. No roads, no houses, no cars, just a circle. I thought it might have been a farm. But if it was it’s the most nonsensical farm ever. All that space, and you made a perfect circle. In the desert, where it’s hard to grow things. Miles away from any road. And no water. If anyone can explain, I would appreciate it.

  • (#9) A Panic Attack Saved My Life

    From Redditor /u/pmmeyourproblemsolva

    Let me preface this by saying I've never had a panic attack before or since.

    Leaving from Cuba, NM for Pagosa Springs, Google Maps told my wife we needed to take this one road. Well, the road was great, then it turned into an unpaved park service road. F*** it, this is New Mexico, forest service roads are a big thing here, you can cut hundreds of miles off a trip if you use them right. Of course I can't get cell service to confirm this is real and good way to go.

    F*** it, road looks good, Google says to use it, 22 miles of park service road, then NM route 4. At first the road is great, then it's good, then it is okay, finally near the end the road is shit. My truck is only a 2wd, and if it gets stuck on this powder road I'm f***ed, no cell phone, 40 miles from any civilization. Make it to the top of a large hill that was just powder all the way up, sliding around narrow corners, road is one lane at this point. Everyone in the truck was having panic attack, I pull over in the only pull out on the side of road, hands shaking so badly I can barely open the door. Not three seconds later, a GMC SUV flies down the road in the opposite direction at like 60 mph.

    If I hadn't pulled over that instant, he would have hit us head-on, the way he was flying around those blind turns he had absolutely no hope of stopping. That's how close we all came to dying that day.

    I turned around and went back to Cuba, confirmed this route would not have taken me to Pagosa Springs but would have taken to the back entrance Las Alamos National Labs.

    Weirdest thing, all our watches are about 30 minutes behind our cell phones at the end when we got back into cell coverage and could sync them.

    TLDR: A panic attack saved my life, or more correctly, all of us having panic attacks saved all our lives, somehow the time on our watches does not match the time on our phones when we re-join civilization.

  • (#10) The Fog

    From Redditor /u/StrangeLob

    This sort of fits the prompt so in traditional AskReddit style I'll still tell you the story of The Fog.

    One day back in college I wanted to smoke some weed, and told my then-roommate that rather than go to our usual spot, I wanted to go on an adventure. So we looked around on Google maps for somewhere which looked secluded, and found a spot off a road in the boonies.

    Turns out, that road was actually pretty busy, and me being paranoid I decided we needed to go somewhere less busy. Since we had phones with GPS, we decided we could just drive around randomly until we found somewhere good, light up, and GPS our way back.

    So we found a closed gas station (it was like 1am at this point) out in the country and drove out behind it, and lit up. So we're waiting for a little while to come down a bit before driving back, and we start hearing this noise off in the distance, it sounds like a small motorbike, or a chainsaw. It starts getting closer, then SPEEDS UP until it sounds like it must be within 50 yards, then just cuts out.

    F*** whatever THAT is so we get in the car and drive off. Around 3 minutes later my roommate decides he's too high to keep driving, so we pull off the road. At that point, we realize part of the problem is that we drove into some fog so thick we could barely see 10 feet in front of us. Having avoided the danger, we decide to wait out the fog of the mind, or the fog of the earth, whichever left first.

    The fog is very eerie; we're seeing faint lights come on the horizon and slowly grow in intensity for what felt like minutes until finally a car would pass by. Being high and paranoid augmented this eerie feeling of course. We sit here for probably a half hour... and we start hearing the noise again, in the distance... slowly getting closer and closer, until it sounds like it's right outside our car, then it cuts out.

    So we've obviously been followed by some serial killer, and we accept our demise at this point. But... it never comes, and we never see anything. After about 15 minutes, we feel ready to go again, so we leave, and make it home unscathed. We never did find out what the noise was...

  • (#2) Cue Black Flashing Lights And An SUV Full Of Cop-Type Guys

    From Redditor /u/jrhooo

    The NSA.

    It wasn't so much visiting it, as trying to get somewhere completely else, and the GPS refusing to recognize that the facility was even there, thus refusing to go around it.

    The road it wanted you to take just stuck on the lane that goes to their gate, without a real way to turn off.

    So you get there and the security guy is like, "badge?"

    "Oh, sorry I don't work here. I just got turned around. I am not supposed to be here."

    "Ok, then. You'll just have to turn around and go that way."

    "Yeah, can I just turn around here and drive back out the gate?"

    "You can pull over right here and that security car will escort you back the gate"

    Cue black flashing lights and an SUV full of cop-type guys.

  • (#12) The Church of Scientology's Private Prison

    From Redditor /u/Gromann

    I think my creepiest detour was when I accidentally stumbled across this really odd mansion like building that had spiked fences all around with trees encompassing the entire thing.

    Gave me the impression of it being something like a concentration camp, just a few large buildings with a single house in some non-popular area of southern California.

    About 2 years later I find out the Church of Scientology has a private prison in southern California and I skimmed its entrance.

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