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Random Ships Sunk By The Imperial Japanese Navyreport

  • USS Luce

    (Destroyers) (United States)

  • USS William D. Porter

    (Destroyers) (United States)

  • HMS Hermes: British aircraft carrier sunk 9 April 1942 by carrier-based aircraft during the Indian Ocean raid.

    (Warships) (Britain)

  • USS Sculpin Sunk 19 November 1943 by destroyer Yamagumo.

    (Submarines) (United States)

  • USS Deimos

    (Transports) (United States)

  • USS Stewart A Clemson-class destroyer, heavily damaged and captured at Soerabaya. Commissioned in the Imperial Japanese Navy as Patrol boat no 102.

    (Destroyers) (United States)

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About This Tool

Nearly five decades after the Battle of the Pacific, work on the remains of Imperial Japanese Navy ships is still moving slowly. Compared to some other well-known ships, this random tool records the sinking of 239 other ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, although little known, but they are still deeply recorded in the history of Japan.

Most of the Japanese ships that sank were actually sunk, and not enough progress has been made. But for a combat ship, there are relatively few details that can be compared and compared to how the hull itself sank into the sea. Through the generator, we can see in detail the main information of each sunken Japanese ship, including the scientific name of the ship, the main cause of the sinking, the sinking time, as well as the specific location of the sinking.

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