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  • Universidad De Negocios ESCOMEX (Schools)

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Mexicali (Schools)

  • Universidad Xochicalco Campus Mexicali (Schools)

  • Colegio Frontera (Schools)

  • Benemérita Escuela Normal Urbana Federal Fronteriza (Schools)

  • CECyTE (Schools)

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About This Tool

Mexicali, a city in northwestern Mexico on the U.S. border, is a continuation of a Mexican education model in which many schools were previously controlled by the Catholic Church and the government did not pay much attention to local education. After the enlightenment of the last century, the Mexicali administration also began to focus on education, re establishing the secular national education system.

As the education system evolved, the Mexicali government built hundreds of schools. Only 22 of them were organized by the random tool. These include public and private schools, as well as international branches, with a breakdown of the types of schools in primary, lower secondary, upper Secondary and technical schools by age of admission, detailed information can be found in this generator.

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