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Random Schools In Malireport

  • American International School of Bamako (Primary and secondary schools)

  • Forestry Practical Training Centre of Tabakoro (Technical schools)

  • Nelson Mandela School, Hippodrome neighborhood (Primary and secondary schools)

  • Missara School (Primary and secondary schools)

  • Mamadou Diarra School, Medina Coura neighborhood (Primary and secondary schools)

  • Bamako International Academy ([1]) (Primary and secondary schools)

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About This Tool

Far from being landlocked in West Africa, Mali is one of the least developed countries in the world. The early colonial rule affected its educational development, but Mali, known as the “Cradle of West African culture”, continued to use the French educational system, consisting of basic, secondary and vocational skills and higher education. The generator randomly selected a list of 10 local schools for everyone to look at.

These schools are mainly primary schools, junior high schools and technical schools. The annual education budget accounts for 18.2 per cent of the state budget, the primary school enrolment rate is 71 per cent and the adult illiteracy rate is 76 per cent. The government had borrowed money from abroad to help the Malian government push ahead with higher education reform and improve the competitiveness of Malian universities.

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