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  • Hsinchu International School (Hsinchu)

  • Kaohsiung American School (Kaohsiung)

  • Affiliated Senior High School of National Kaohsiung Normal University (Kaohsiung)

  • Taipei American School (Taipei)

  • Broaden Media Academy (Taipei)

  • Taipei European School (Taipei)

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About This Tool

In the early years, education in Taiwan developed very fast. There were many schools in Taiwan, ranging from pre-school, primary school, junior high school, High School, vocational and technical school, Special Education to universities, colleges, and adult education, and in line with the world’s advanced level of education. But in recent years, Taiwan’s education has declined rapidly. The government is more focused on restarting schools, followed by a huge brain drain, and many students are more willing to move to other countries. Finally, the hardware of local education facilities is outdated, but the government has not paid enough attention to replacing the new hardware.

The 67 schools recorded in the random tool were built at different times, some of them decades old, but some of them were new. With this list recorded by the generator, we can see in detail that these schools are located in different cities, different regions of Taiwan, and have different types and levels. But the government has been trying to reform education for more than 20 years, and so far, the education system, especially for primary and secondary school students, has not been a good solution.

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