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  • Lycée de Borda, Dax

  • Lycée Chaptal, Paris

  • Lycée Georges de La Tour, Metz

  • Lycée Newton Enrea, Clichy

  • Lycée Jean Rostand, Chantilly

  • Lycée Camille Claudel, Digoin

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About This Tool

France belongs to the state of centralization, emphasizing the unity of education governance, education governance in the long-term implementation of a high degree of centralization. Most schools, whether urban or rural, are regulated by the government. The 1,031 schools compiled by random tools are no exception. These schools are located in different areas, but they almost follow the educational philosophy of the government.

In order to adapt education to the needs of social, political, economic, scientific and technological development, the French government has made great efforts to develop education, allocating a large number of funds to the investment of educational resources every year and establishing the priority of education, emphasizing the right of citizens to education and equality of opportunity. Most of the schools on the generator list are state-subsidized and receive free compulsory education.

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