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  • Schulzentrum des Sekundarbereichs II an der Alwin-Lonke-Straße (Bremen)

  • Stadtteilschule Finkenwerder (Hamburg)

  • Christianeum (Hamburg)

  • Georg-Büchner-Schule II (Bremen)

  • Stadtteilschule Allermöhe (Hamburg)

  • Walddörfer Gymnasium (Hamburg)

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About This Tool

The education system in Germany began to develop from the Middle Ages. At first, the right to receive education belonged only to the nobility and the clergy. Most of the modern education systems now in operation originated in Germany and had an important influence on other countries. There are a lot of established schools in Germany, but the generator only introduced 354 of them at random.

The schools recorded in this tool, are located in different cities, in different parts of Germany, and they are built at different times. Germany has many famous schools with a history of more than hundreds of years. It is also one of the schools that many parents and students want to go to. In the development of modern education in the west, Germany has made important contributions. Until now, Germany’s educational status in the world is still sacred and unshakable.

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