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  • Hristo Botev Comprehensive School, Targovishte

  • Foreign Language High School "Hristo Botev", Kardzhali , Bulgaria

  • PMG "Ekzarh Antim I"

  • American College of Sofia


  • Darbi College

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About This Tool

The Republic of Bulgaria is a country in south-eastern Europe, in the south-eastern Balkans. You may not know this, but Bulgaria is a relatively well-educated country, one of the highest in the world before the drastic changes in Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has one of the best knowledge and technology bases in the world and Europe. This is due to its strength in technology, mathematics and engineering, as well as in certain scientific fields.

The government is also working hard to develop education here. The random tool has generated a list of 30 schools that are very famous in the area so that interested friends can find them. The Bulgarian law on education for all provides that the national education system lays the foundation for continuous education of citizens, and the Bulgarian basic education is divided into pre-school education and School Basic Education.

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