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Random Scariest Novels

  • The Keep on Random Scariest Novels

    (#47) The Keep

    • F. Paul Wilson
  • Psycho on Random Scariest Novels

    (#41) Psycho

    • Robert Bloch
  • Strangers on Random Scariest Novels

    (#31) Strangers

    • Dean Koontz
  • Interview with the Vampire on Random Scariest Novels

    (#22) Interview with the Vampire

    • Anne Rice
  • The Voice of the Night on Random Scariest Novels

    (#44) The Voice of the Night

    • Dean Koontz, Richard Michael Paige
  • House of Leaves on Random Scariest Novels

    (#37) House of Leaves

    • Mark Z. Danielewski

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About This Tool

Scary books have a long history since the last century, this is one the most popular literary genres. Horror novels are generally constructed slowly with horror plots and unpredictable suspense. Many classic horror novels allow readers to flip the page crazy to know what happens next. They make people have strong physiological reactions, such as cold sweat and upright hair, these books will drive the imagination of readers, people can not help but remember every creepy detail while reading.

Do you like horror books? A number of talented writers from all over the world left great literary works. The random tool collected a total of 108 scariest novels, some of them were adapted as horror movies.

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