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  • Aliens: Wraith  on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#47) Aliens: Wraith

    Dark Horse Comics, 1998

    In the far reaches of space, teenagers just want to hang out with other teens. Roarke is the newest arrival to this colony, and he soon discovers this quiet town harbors a dark secret. 

  • Aliens: Alien  on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#24) Aliens: Alien

    Dark Horse Comics, 1994

    Suom is the only person who has seen a Reaper and lived. He must find a way to conquer the beast before it kills him.

  • Aliens: Backsplash  on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#21) Aliens: Backsplash

    Dark Horse Comics, 1993

    A Particle Plasma Projector can vaporize any Alien. However, when hundreds are on your tail, how much good will it really do?

  • Aliens: Purge on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#39) Aliens: Purge

     Dark Horse Comics, 1997

    Sybaris 503 discovers that Aliens require more time to incubate in a human host if the individual in question has leprosy. Before they can better understand why, the funding runs out.

  • Aliens: Genocide on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#10) Aliens: Genocide

    Dark Horse Comics, 1991 - 1992

    Earth has been ravaged by Xenomorphs, but one billionaire wants to lead an expedition directly to the Alien homeworld. Meanwhile, athletes are using a powerful new drug called Fire, and everyone wants to get their hands on it.

  • Aliens: Incubation on Random Best Aliens Comic Book Series

    (#30) Aliens: Incubation

    Dark Horse Comics, 1995

    Extraterrestrial scientists become fodder for a group of Xenomorphs. Their ship crash lands on Earth but something came with them. 

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There are countless speculations about aliens, but today humans can not actually detect the existence of aliens. Looking back to history, aliens became the subject of various novels, movies, and comic books. Many people even claimed that they have seen aliens, but never know where or whether they exist. These imaginative and fictional comic books arouse people's curiosity about the world.

This page collates 50 entries, there are the best aliens comic book series, including famous books like Aliens Nightmare Asylum, Aliens: Newt's Tale, and more. You can find more information on this page and welcome to share it with friends.

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