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  • Hercules And Amadeus Cho on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#17) Hercules And Amadeus Cho

    A lot of the bromances in comic books feature an “odd couple” pairing, but nowhere is that more apparent than with Hercules, the boisterous Greek god, and Amadeus Cho, the teenaged supergenius.

    The two happened to fall in together while trying to aid their mutual friend, the Hulk, and decided they made a good enough team to stick together. Herc helped Amadeus see some sights he never thought he would, and Amadeus helped Hercules to actually think before charging into battle. The two gained a lot more common ground once Amadeus began to serve as the Totally Awesome Hulk.

  • Dick Grayson And Damian Wayne on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#9) Dick Grayson And Damian Wayne

    When Batman appeared to be dead in 2009, he was replaced by long-time understudy Dick Grayson. The role of Robin was filled by Bruce Wayne’s bratty, half-al Ghul son, Damian Wayne. The partnership definitely got off to a rocky start, but the two formed a begrudging respect for another that blossomed into a full-on bromance by the time the original Batman returned. When Damian told Grayson that they had been “the best,” shortly before his demise, plenty of fans agreed with him.

  • Spider-Man And Deadpool on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#1) Spider-Man And Deadpool

    Some initially complained that the burgeoning bromance between Spider-Man and Deadpool was simply being “forced” by Marvel Comics in an attempt to mash two of their hottest properties together. However, the chemistry between the two red-clad, wisecracking vigilantes is undeniable, as is their comedic timing.

    Spidey and Poolie’s adventures went so well that the two were even selected for a rare ongoing team-up series, proving that they really do belong together. As one can probably imagine, this was a much cooler development for Deadpool than it was for Spider-Man.

  • Beast And Wonder Man on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#14) Beast And Wonder Man

    True, Beast and Wonder Man don't hang out much anymore, since Hank McCoy is no longer an Avenger and Simon Williams is (usually) dead. But they were the original odd couple of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for quite some time during the 1970s.

    Despite the fact that Beast is a scientist and Wonder Man is a Hollywood actor, it was often Beast who was the radical wisecracker of the pair while Wonder Man played the straight man. Whenever the two get back together, it’s always a good time.

  • Jesse Custer And Cassidy on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#16) Jesse Custer And Cassidy

    Jesse Custer and Cassidy the Vampire’s bromance is one of the key selling points of Preacher. One’s a vengeful Texan with a godly superpower, and the other is a drunken Irish vampire just looking for a good time.

    Together, they set out to kick God’s ass for doing such a bad job with the state of the world. Jesse and Cassidy go through a lot rockier times than most other bros, but they always show up for one another when it really counts. That’s what bromance is all about.

  • Sunspot And Cannonball on Random Most Beautiful Bromances In Comic Book History

    (#13) Sunspot And Cannonball

    Sunspot and Cannonball have the bromantic distinction of serving on several superhero teams together. They first met on the New Mutants, then migrated over to a few different iterations of the X-Men. They hit the big time when they were both invited to join the Avengers by Captain America.

    Roberto da Costa (Sunspot) and Sum Guthrie (Cannonball) come from very, very different backgrounds. That hasn’t stopped them from spreading their particular brand of friendship all across the galaxy. They’re both founding members of the U.S.Avengers team, and the two seem destined for even greater things.

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