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  • Boar Demon - Princess Mononoke on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#5) Boar Demon - Princess Mononoke

    Nothing gets the blood pumping faster than being chased by a demonic pig. In the shockingly violent Studio Ghibli film, Princess Mononoke, a tremendous boar becomes a wild demon, demolishing everything in his way. The boar's flesh rots as a swarm of crawling demon worms engulf his body, acting as an armor for its host and forming tentacles to attack.

    It's a beautifully animated scene of such a hideous beast. 

  • Ghouls - Tokyo Ghoul on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#11) Ghouls - Tokyo Ghoul

    In Tokyo Ghoul, on the surface, ghouls are no different from human beings. They look like everyday Joes and Janes. However, their taboo hunger for human flesh make these anime monsters absolutely frightening. A Ghoul's cannibalistic diet cannot be avoided. The taste of normal foods literally makes them sick to their stomach and starvation will only drive them mad.

    On the plus side, they only need to eat every month or two and can still enjoy the rich taste of Folgers coffee. 

  • Gauna - Knights Of Sidonia on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#2) Gauna - Knights Of Sidonia

    Any alien species powerful enough to drive the entire human race off Earth is worthy of the scariest anime monster title. In the mecha anime series, Knight of Sidonia, the shapeshifting alien race known as the Gauna sent mankind packing, forcing them to live on spaceships created from what was left of Earth. A Gauna cannot be easily killed because of their exterior covering called the Placenta. It is highly malleable and usually appears as tentacle creatures.

    The creepy thing about the Gauna is that they are capable of replicating human features for a limited time. They will make their appearance match that of a lover so a soldier can't deliver the final blow. 

  • Benge - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#14) Benge - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

    Supernatural creatures inhabit the post-nuclear world of Vampire Hunter D, but Benge from the film Bloodlust might be the series' most wicked demon. With a black and white color pallet that screams Grim Reaper, Benge is an eerie, elongated man capable of killing anyone by attacking their shadow. He himself can transform into a shadow-like being by expanding and flattening his body, attacking his prey when they least suspect it.

    Not only can he absorb energy attacks, but Benge also has the power to craft harmful illusions. He's the shadow monster every poor child feared when the lights went out in their room. 

  • Danger Beasts - Akame Ga Kill! on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#13) Danger Beasts - Akame Ga Kill!

    It's never a good sign when the name of species is Danger Beasts. The fearsome creatures of Akame ga Kill! are savage monsters that eat and murder anything that trespasses on their territory. Danger Beasts come in various forms. Some appear human-like, while others are giant, twisted version of common animals, such as frogs, manta rays, and apes. 

  • Bunny Beasts - Blood-C on Random Scary Anime Monsters That Are Total Nightmare Fuel

    (#4) Bunny Beasts - Blood-C

    It may seem absurd to label anything with the word "Bunny" on it as a scary anime character, but the Bunny Beasts from the graphic anime series, Blood-C, are anything but cute and fluffy. Driven by a sickening urge to torture and kill its human prey, the Bunny Beasts use their transformative limbs to slaughter every helpless citizen they can find.

    The gory nature of Blood-C is always on full power, but the show's infamous town massacre scene takes the cake. Watching these demonic bunnies rip, shish-kabob, and blend their victims is a prime example of ridiculous anime overkills

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Japanese anime has always been full of a variety of creepy monsters, either blood crazy, or the shape of strange, minute-by-minute to stimulate the audience to bear the limit, it also has special popularity among certain groups of people. Note that the monsters mentioned here do not include non-physical entities such as ghosts, but are limited to “biological” monsters that possess entities.

This random tool generates 15 entries, recording the list of the scariest monsters in anime, let’s see which weird monsters are on the list! Pairs-pairs: The Maxim, Gauna-Knights Of Sidonia, Titans-Attack On Titan, Bunny Beasts - Blood-C, and so on. Have you ever been frightened by them?

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