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  • Finnick Odair on Random Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

    (#2) Finnick Odair

    How it happens: Lizard mutts. 

    Book fans have long known that Finnick wouldn’t make it to the end. As he makes his way up a ladder, he’s descended upon by mutts. Katniss’s reaction is our reaction. NOOOOOOOO!

  • Wiress on Random Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

    (#9) Wiress

    How it happens: Gloss slits her throat.

    Wiress went through so much as a victor for District 3. When she is brought back for the Quarter Quell, she is not exactly all there, but she’s still plenty smart enough to figure out that the arena is a clock. This crucial piece of information saves Katniss and co. But alas, Wiress is slain by a guy named Gloss.

  • Marvel on Random Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

    (#17) Marvel

    How it happens: Shot by an arrow from Katniss as she defends Rue.

    Thank you for stopping this machine, Katniss.

  • Gloss on Random Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

    (#18) Gloss

    How it happens: Arrow to the chest, courtesy of Katniss.

    Gloss buys the farm after slaying the really lovely and amazing Wiress. You also get to see Cashmere and Brutus get taken out.

  • Glimmer on Random Saddest 'Hunger Games' Deaths

    (#16) Glimmer

    How it happens: Multiple stings of tracker jackers (genetically modified bees) after Katniss saws a hive out of a tree and drops it on the sleeping Careers. 

    She's a snotty Career and a little too willing to take Katniss out, but we’re still kind of feeling bad about how she went. Good looking out, Rue.

  • (#8) Everyone Who Rebels In The Districts

    How it happens: Capitol Peacekeepers.

    After Rue’s demise, Katniss honors the 12-year-old from District 11 with the three-fingered salute and mockingjay whistle to the sky, knowing District 11 is watching. This encourages them to revolt. The scene demonstrates how one small act can incite a revolution.

    We don’t see anyone perish on screen, but we know that the Capitol is all about putting down protestors across Panem. 

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The Hunger Games, based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Suzanne Collins, is directed by Gary Ross and Co-starred by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth, the film opens in the United States on March 23, 2012. The movie tells the story of North America being destroyed in a great war and people building new homes, but the new homes also have a new policy. In the 12 districts under the jurisdiction, a man and a woman must be selected for a total of 24 players to participate in the “Hunger Games”, in the “Hunger Games” it is not only necessary to fight all kinds of beasts in the game, but also necessary to kill other players.

The random tool generated 18 entries, documenting the unexplained deaths of several characters in Hunger Games. You can see Rue, Finnick Odair, Cinna, Primrose Everdeen, Mags and so on. Did you grieve their deaths?

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