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Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

  • The Epoch - Chrono Trigger on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#20) The Epoch - Chrono Trigger

    The moment you hop this vehicle, it's like a weight is lifted. Suddenly you don't have to go searching for time portals. You can just hop in this guy and go to any time period. Boom. Done. Once the wings are added, suddenly you're King of Time. 
  • Batmobile - Arkham Knight on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#1) Batmobile - Arkham Knight

    It's the friggin' Batmobile. The moment you pull off your first Batmobile-assisted takedown, you'll be in love. It can take ramps, run other cars off the road, and launch the Batman hundreds of yards into the air so that you can take to the skies and knock out some of those flying drones. Yes, the controls can be a little splashy, but hey, a little extra destruction is a-okay. 
  • Light Cycle - Tron 2.0 on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#19) Light Cycle - Tron 2.0

    A motorcycle, yes, but the light cycle is really the best thing about Tron 2.0. It's faster and meaner than the original movie's cycle, so you'll be flying across the Grid at record speeds. This is not your father's light cycle. 
  • Phantom Corsair - L.A. Noire on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#9) Phantom Corsair - L.A. Noire

    It's a pain to actually find L.A. Noire's slickest car. But oh, once you do, the light and ridiculously fast Corsair is a dream to drive, especially in an era of big clunkers. For any players aware of the real life history of Heinz's single expensive prototype (the only Corsair in existence) the car has an almost mythical quality, too.
  • M35 Mako - Mass Effect on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#12) M35 Mako - Mass Effect

    Let's be real: not only is this thing indestructible, not only can it carry you and three of your pals, and not only does it have a big cannon strapped to it, but the M35 Mako can also climb ridiculously steep mountains. So much so that BioWare sells a "Mako Mountain Climbing Team" T-shirt in its store. 
  • Grand Theft Auto V - Merryweather Jeep on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#10) Grand Theft Auto V - Merryweather Jeep

    Ah, the Merryweather Jeep. It's difficult to obtain, requiring you to take down a squad of four well-armed mercenaries, but once you've got it, you're driving around in a pretty zippy and totally destruction-friendly jeep. This thing can take out just about any other vehicle in on the streets of Liberty City.

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