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  • Sweet Tooth's Van - Twisted Metal on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#7) Sweet Tooth's Van - Twisted Metal

    A classic to be certain. The moment Twisted Metal came out, everyone knew which car would become the franchise's mascot. Sweet Tooth's insane clown-themed ice cream van is the sort of thing that crazed individuals like the Joker would come up with. 
  • Light Cycle - Tron 2.0 on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#19) Light Cycle - Tron 2.0

    A motorcycle, yes, but the light cycle is really the best thing about Tron 2.0. It's faster and meaner than the original movie's cycle, so you'll be flying across the Grid at record speeds. This is not your father's light cycle. 
  • Phantom Corsair - L.A. Noire on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#9) Phantom Corsair - L.A. Noire

    It's a pain to actually find L.A. Noire's slickest car. But oh, once you do, the light and ridiculously fast Corsair is a dream to drive, especially in an era of big clunkers. For any players aware of the real life history of Heinz's single expensive prototype (the only Corsair in existence) the car has an almost mythical quality, too.
  • GT Citroen - Gran Turismo 5 on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#4) GT Citroen - Gran Turismo 5

    This car was designed expressly for use in Gran Turismo 5, and because nerds are nerds and this car is just that cool, Citroen ended up actually building the thing for real. What's the point of all that design work if you're not going to make a real one, right? 
  • Brute Chopper - Halo 3 on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#13) Brute Chopper - Halo 3

    In multiplayer, there's just something satisfying about knocking an opponent out of the Chopper, getting in, and ramming a Warthog so hard it explodes. This is also a strong contender due to its balance; it's almost impossible to tip this thing over. 
  • Suzuki Escudo - Gran Turismo on Random Coolest Cars in Video Games

    (#11) Suzuki Escudo - Gran Turismo

    This is a car with insane speed and handling. It also comes at an insanely high price. Players who save up enough to buy this thing are all but brainwashed into total confidence that the car is worth the digi-money. 

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