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Random Provosts Of Eton Collegereport

  • Sir Henry Marten (1945–1949)

    (20th century) (Provosts of Eton)

  • James John Hornby (1884–1909)

    (20th century) (Provosts of Eton)

  • William Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave of North Hill (2009–present)

    (21st century) (Provosts of Eton)

  • Henry Bland (1733–1746)

    (18th century) (Provosts of Eton)

  • Sir Henry Savile (1596–1622)

    (17th century) (Provosts of Eton)

  • Henry Cole (1554–1559)

    (16th century) (Provosts of Eton)

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About This Tool

Eton was an ancient institution founded by Henry in 1440. As one of the most prestigious and exclusive schools in the UK, it ranks in the top 10 in the UK. Known as “The cradle of the elite” and “The culture of the gentry”, Eton is also known for his military-style rigor, and his students are generally considered to be the best secondary schools in Britain, it is a training ground for Britain’s royal, political and economic elite. The administrators who work here, the provost, are very good, and they’re very selective. They are selected by the royal family and assisted by the Vice Provost and the Academy.

Since the 15th century, the school has produced a total of 42 provosts, recorded in a random tool. These deans belong to the President of Eton’s public school administration, and they have supreme authority in the school. Through the generator, you can see their school hours, as well as the specific period to pay attention to the school.  

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