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Random Provosts Of Montrosereport

  • 1832-1835 John Barclay, jun. (Provosts)

  • 1781-1783 Adam Glegg (Provosts)

  • 1757-1761 David Doig of Cookston (Provosts)

  • 1767-1769 William Christie (Provosts)

  • c.-1703 William Coutts (Provosts)

  • Lt-col. Robert Reid (Provosts)

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About This Tool

The head of the Scottish Parliament, known as the Provost, has been appointed by the 1419 to run and manage day to day urban affairs. The Provost is elected by the Council and serves not only as the president of the institution but also as the head of the town. More even, feel that they are in many ways equivalent to the mayor’s office. To date, a total of 118 deans have been appointed to the council in Montrosberg, Scotland, and their information has been recorded in detail by the random tool.

If you want to look up the names of the respective Provost of Scotland’s Montrosberg Council, and their dates of service, just look in the generator. Each of Scotland’s 32 local authorities elects a convenor or provost, but only four major cities -- Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee -- have bishops.

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