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Random Pakistani Television Seriesreport

  • Chemistry (Geo Entertainment) (C)

  • Aunn Zara (2013, A-Plus Entertainment) (A)

  • Dhaani (Geo Entertainment) (D)

  • Alvida (2015, Hum TV) (A)

  • Aks (2012, ARY Digital) (A)

  • Digest Writer (D)

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About This Tool

Pakistan’s entertainment industry developed relatively early, around the beginning of the 20th century has its own scale. And the film and television industry is highly commercialized, many TV dramas are only focused on quantity rather than quality. But it can not resist the Pakistani people’s determination to Love TV dramas. Every year Pakistan’s major television stations take turns to broadcast a series of different lengths to satisfy the curiosity of the people.

Pakistan’s television series could end in as little as a few weeks. But the longest is probably years, and it’s still running. Random Tool collates 343 Pakistani TV shows that were or are still on the air. Through the generator, we can see the exact name of the show, the platform and when it will start to air. The Pakistani people Love TV series more than we can imagine. At the same time, we can not help but marvel at the productivity of the original Pakistani series.

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