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Random Macedonian Television Seriesreport

  • Tanc so Zvezdite (2013) Talent (T)

  • Od denes za utre (2010) (O)

  • Makedonski Narodni Prikazni (M)

  • Makedonski Narodni Prikazni 3 (2010) (M)

  • Golemi i mali (2000) (G)

  • Beloto ciganche (1983) (B)

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About This Tool

The Macedonian Kingdom, referring to the Kingdom of 168 BC in northwestern Greece in 808 BC, basically completed the unification of Ancient Greece during the reign of Philip II of Spain and conquered the Persian empire during the Alexander the Great, the Macedonian Kingdom at this time was known as the Macedonian Kingdom. 168 BC, after the Fourth Macedonian War, the mainland was absorbed by the Roman Republic, to 146 BC, the Roman occupation of all Greek territory, marking the complete collapse of the Macedonian Kingdom and the end of the Hellenistic period.

The random tool generated 32 items for some of Macedonia’s most popular TV shows. This includes Telenovelas such as Beloto Ciganche, Dajte Muzika, Eden Na, Golemi I Mali, Makedonski Narodni Prikazni, Toa Jas sum Reality, etc. 

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