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Random Native American Superheroesreport

  • Redstone (Apache, member of Squadron Supreme, Earth S) (Marvel Comics)

  • Red Wolf / Johnny Wakely (Cheyenne) (Marvel Comics)

  • Doot (Wawenoc), Timespirits (Epic) (Marvel Comics)

  • Joseph Turok of Turok (video game) (Video games)

  • Thunderbird (Apache, member of X-Men) (Marvel Comics)

  • Super Shamou (Inuk, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 1980s) (Television)

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About This Tool

Who are America’s superheroes? Superheroes, fantasy heroes, were created in the early days of American comics, with extraordinary abilities to do extraordinary feats and acts of bravery, protect people and fight evil.

The random tool generated 185 items to find and register Native American superheroes from the histories of Native Americans in North, south and Central America. Superheroes created by Arcana Studios, Azteca Productions, Blue Corn Comics, Champion Comics and others are famous all over the world. They are often born with superpowers and a strong sense of justice and compassion, often in times of crisis, to come forward to save the world.

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