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Random Middle Eastern Superheroesreport

  • Al Jabr, a medieval fighter and tactician, member of the Demon Knights. (DC Comics)

  • Nightrunner, A 22-year-old Algerian French citizen that lives in Clichy-sous-Bois in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. He was recruited by Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson for Batman Incorporated as the Batman of Paris. (DC Comics)

  • Osiris III (The young ward of Black Adam) (DC Comics)

  • Aminedi (member of the Iraqi superhuman military team known as Desert Sword) (Marvel Comics)

  • Bromisnar (Arab superhero from Chilean comic) (Independents)

  • Wayl, created by Zaid Adham and Yasser Alireza and published out of Dubai, is an Arab antihero comic based in Amman. Wayl is capable of harnessing his body's electrostatic discharges to create weapons. Wayl debuted to great acclaim at the 2016 Middle East Film and Comic Con. (Independents)

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The Superhero, the justice character in the fantasy genre, is a staple of American comics. A number of comic-book heroes have been brought to the big screen, mostly from two major companies, DC and Marvel Comics. They have special abilities beyond ordinary people, to do extraordinary feats and acts of bravery, to protect citizens, to fight evil. Usually they have a fancy outfit that represents their personality and superpower. In general, superheroes aren’t just superheroes, they’re superheroes who use technology, magic, mythological gods, and martial artists, or at the top of their game.

The random tool generated 61 items, recording a hybrid list of fictional superheroes from West Asia (i.e. Middle East, Arabia, Turkey, Persia, etc.) and North Africa. Such as Black Adam, Doctor Fate, Ibis the Invincible, Rampart, Gilgamesh, etc. .

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