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Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

  • Theo on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#9) Theo

    • Die Hard

    His Boss: Hans Gruber

    His Specialty: Computer whiz/hacker for an international bad guy organization

    Why He Should Be Fired: His cockiness prevents him from seeing how his plans could go wrong. He not only gets knocked out when his getaway car gets smashed, but he also gets punched by a limo driver after the fact. How did this supposed genius not think to scan the parking garage?

  • Kronk on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#8) Kronk

    • Kronk's New Groove, The Emperor's New Groove

    His Boss: Yzma

    His Specialty: Muscle. Kronk is jacked, but he's also oafish and ineffective.

    Why He Should Be Fired: Aside from his being a bit bumbling, Kronk also has a conscience - never a good quality in an evil henchman. He refuses to carry out dastardly deeds, and betrays Yzma when she is angered by it.

  • Boris Grishenko on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#5) Boris Grishenko

    • GoldenEye

    His Boss: Alec Trevelyan

    His Specialty: Cyber-hacker for the Janus syndicate

    Why He Should Be Fired: He’s the epitome of the dorky but overconfident hacker cliché. He isn’t as good at his job as he believes himself to be, and is way too openly pervy for any office setting. Boris’s hubris is his ultimate downfall.

  • Darth Maul on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#12) Darth Maul

    • Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, Once Upon a Jedi, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars

    His Boss: Darth Sidious

    His Specialty: Fearless, aggressive fighter

    Why He Should Be Fired: Though he appears menacing, Darth Maul’s overconfidence is the end of him - literally. He'd rather pace back and forth over a defeated enemy while kicking up sparks with his pretty lightsaber than deal the finishing blow. Not realizing that he holds the high ground is how he winds up half the Sith he used to be.

  • Lurtz on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#11) Lurtz

    • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Middle-earth

    His Boss: Saruman

    His Specialty: Strength, brutality, and general Orc things

    Why He Should Be Fired: Created for conquest, Lurtz appears imposing, but he's an idiot. He’s the biggest and baddest of his kind, but he has no critical thinking skills whatsoever, which is a major problem for someone intended to lead an army. Plus, he thinks bows are short-range weapons. All brawn and no brains makes Lurtz an ineffective general.

  • Kobayashi on Random Most Useless Henchmen In Movie History

    (#13) Kobayashi

    • The Usual Suspects

    His Boss: Keyser Söze

    His Specialty: Steely resolve

    Why He Should Be Fired: Mr. Kobayashi is a made-up character in a story within the film. Were he a real person, he might be the ideal henchman - but he’s not. 

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The villain can be said to be an extremely critical role in a successful movie, and he can even become a more attractive artistic image than the protagonist. Because the role of justice is mostly the same, but the shadow of evil often has a unique charm. Achieving a classic villain requires many efforts, and the role of a loyal henchman is one of the essential elements.

Every good hechman is also unique, there are many great characters who do their job perfectly. However, the random tool lists 13 of the most useless henchmen in movie history that you must know. 

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