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Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

  • Lector on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#1) Lector

    The Job: To read to large rooms of factory workers slaving away at remedial tasks for hours on end. Lectors were sometimes even hired with pooled money from the factory workers themselves for their entertainment.

    Who Did It: Well spoken gentlemen.

    Why It Went Away: A whole smorgasbord of reasons from the radio, to the Walk-Man, iPhones, iPods, podcasts...
  • Rat Catcher on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#9) Rat Catcher

    The Job: In Europe, the rat population was staggering, and they were dangerous. Rat catchers ran the risk of bites and infection, but in doing so, prevented (some) disease from spreading to the public.

    Who Did It: Non-musophobic men.

    Why It Went Away: Population growth died down, and the world saw many advances in disease prevention and treatment. There were also improvements in animal control tactics.
  • Daguerreotypists on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#16) Daguerreotypists

    The Job: The earliest photographer, Louis Daguerre, created the earliest publicly available photograph, the Daguerreotype, which would be developed on plates by Daguerreotypists.

    Who Did It: Very well trained, precise men and women.

    Why It Went Away: That style of photography became prohibitively expensive and outdated. It ultimately faded out of style.
  • Knocker-Upper on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#6) Knocker-Upper

    The Job: No, not THAT. They were hired to make sure others would wake up for their jobs, using long sticks, pebbles, and clubs to knock on windows.

    Who Did It: Anyone desperate enough.

    Why It Went Away: Alarm clocks.
  • Ice Cutter on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#7) Ice Cutter

    The Job: Before modern refrigerators, cellars and ice boxes required consistent, fresh ice, and these guys would have to saw up blocks of it in harsh, awful conditions.

    Who Did It: Strong, tenacious men. And those guys in Frozen.

    Why It Went Away: Modern refrigerators.
  • Pinsetter on Random Jobs That No Longer Exist

    (#2) Pinsetter

    The Job: After the bowling ball did its thing, they would have to set up the appropriate pins for the next frame.

    Who Did It: Usually young boys working for cheap.

    Why It Went Away: MACHINES! They're way cheaper, and way less creepy to see at the end of a lane.

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About This Tool

With the rapid development of technology and the economy, there are many things that cannot stand the test of time, some specific jobs are no exception. Do you know which industries or jobs that were once active in history have disappeared? Any job should be iteratively upgraded with the change and development of society. 

The random tool lists 20 amazing jobs that no longer exist nowadays, some of which may make you find them very interesting, such as milkman, lector, rat catcher, etc. Most of these jobs have either been automated or outdated due to the fast development of technology.

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