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  • Akira Fudo Vs. Ryo Asuka - 'Devilman Crybaby' on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#16) Akira Fudo Vs. Ryo Asuka - 'Devilman Crybaby'

    Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka lived as best friends for years, but their dramatically opposing goals make any future friendship, much less compromise, impossible. As the human manifestation of Satan, Ryo wants to destroy humanity, something Akira tries desperately to prevent. Their final battle gets emotionally intense, both characters devastated that their friendship must end in violence.

    Accompanying the main battle, a clash between marauding devils and what's left of humankind also runs alongside Akira and Ryo's own brawl. When Akira finally dies, the genocidal Ryo becomes blindsided by the loss of his friend, a loss felt quite poignantly as angels descend to Earth to bring about its destruction.

  • Akame Vs. Esdeath - 'Akame ga Kill!' on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#13) Akame Vs. Esdeath - 'Akame ga Kill!'

    As the only person left standing on the empire's side, Esdeath refuses to surrender. Esdeath proves that she is truly one of the best villains in this final battle. Her only desire is to "win" and create more war. Akame decides that she must put an end to Esdeath and they battle it out in one last fight. And while Esdeath is much more skilled and powerful, Akame stabs Esdeath just at the right moment. Esdeath dies while holding Tatsumi's corpse, full of regret. 

  • Shinya Kogami on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#11) Shinya Kogami

    • Psycho-Pass

    Shinya Kogami wants revenge on Shogo Makishima. Not only does he have a long list of brutal murders under his belt, Makishima also killed Kogami's partner back during the duo's detective days. So when Kogami finally tracks Makishima down, he arrives fully prepared to kill him. 

    The ensuing battle, which features both gun-fighting and hand-to-hand combat, showcases a moral fight as well as a physical one. Akane Tsunemori, the protagonist, tries to persuade Kogami not to kill Makishima, because she believes in Kogami's benevolence, and that good people obey the law in order to create a just society. She believes this despite knowing full well the laws of her country are cruel and unjust. When Kogami exacts his vengeance and kills Makishima, Tsunemori ends up disappointed, a discontent made worse by Kogami's own admiration of Tsunemori.

  • Team Dai-Gurren Vs. The Anti-Spirals - 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann' on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#7) Team Dai-Gurren Vs. The Anti-Spirals - 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'

    Few fights take place on a grander scale than the final battle between Team Dai-Gurren and the Anti-Spirals. The two opposing factions take their fight into outer space, using entire galaxies as shields and weapons. The energy and passion of this high stakes battle over the fate of humanity feels nearly impossible to avoid getting swept up in.

    Ultimately, Team Dai-Gurren wins, freeing them to live and thrive on the surface of the Earth, no longer relegated to the stifling underground world they began the series in.

  • Naruto Uzumaki on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#1) Naruto Uzumaki

    • Naruto, Naruto Shippūden, Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison, Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower, Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel, Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: 7, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire, Naruto Shippuden the Movie, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

    Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha sported a rivalry since the very beginning, a rivalry that suggested to viewers the series wouldn't end without a serious showdown between the two powerhouse ninjas.

    The animation and choreography combine to form fight-scene magic. In long-running anime like Naruto, this can feel hit-or-miss, yet Sudio Pierrot put forth some of their finest efforts here. Viewers watch Sasuke and Naruto defend their differing worldviews while still showing a level of respect. The battle continues even after their incredible powers burn out, devolving into an exhausted fist fight atypical of Naurto's usual flashy choreography. In short, it gives the fans what they waited for as well as some surprises they never expected either.

  • Kallen Stadtfeld on Random Greatest Final Fights In Anime History

    (#6) Kallen Stadtfeld

    • Code Geass

    The final episode of Code Geass makes for an utterly brutal ending. First comes the fight between Kallen and Suzaku. Two powerful warriors on opposing sides of Japan's fight for freedom from the Brittainian Empire, both characters lay into each other using Knightmares, a type of mech weapon. Kallen fails to kill Suzaku, who survives to go on and kill Lelouch. However, Suzaku does manage to destroy the Lancelot, a powerful mech that served as a symbol for the so called "purity" of Suzaku's intentions, which have always been far more complex.

    Deeper meanings aside, the battle also looks spectacular from an aesthetic point of view.

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