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Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

  • Max Fischer on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#15) Max Fischer

    • Rushmore

    Max attends private school Rushmore Academy on scholarship, providing an academic foundation for the precocious 15-year-old who forms a bond with jaded industrialist Herman Blume (Bill Murray). Each sees in the other things they either lost or want to achieve, but the relationship breaks down when the two begin competing for the attentions of the same Rushmore teacher.

    Amid all of that, Max finds the time to indulge in nerdy pursuits, such as adding an aquarium to the school grounds without permission or permits, and writing, directing, casting, and starring in a play in order to salvage broken relationships.

  • Mclovin on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#9) Mclovin

    • Superbad

    Only a legendary nerd would get a fake license from Hawaii when he lives in California, but an unforgettable nerd would do it and choose the name McLovin for it.

    Full of poor fashion choices, lame slang, and endless self-esteem, McLovin rides his unfounded optimism all the way to an intimate encounter with a girl after making friends with police officers and having the adventure of a lifetime. 

  • Andy Stitzer on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#6) Andy Stitzer

    • The 40-Year-Old Virgin

    Naive, awkward, and eager to be one of the guys, Andy's brand of nerdiness is evident in his piles of boxed action figures and comic books, and even in his job selling electronics.

    Although Andy attempts to conform to what he believes to be society's standards for a man, in the end, he maintains his personality and dorkiness - and still gets to fall in love. 

  • Egon Spengler on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#1) Egon Spengler

    • Ghostbusters II, Ghostbusters

    No one can deny the longevity of Dr. Egon Spengler, founding member of the Ghostbusters and creator of the proton packs they wield against apparitions. Always speaking matter-of-factly even when it might seem uncalled for, Dr. Spengler is the smartest member of the team and is able to calculate the probability of survival when he suggests breaking one of his own rules.

    Whether he's making new gadgets for the team or investigating a river of ooze just below New York City, Egon always has his nerd flag flying high.

  • Professor Julius Kelp on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#11) Professor Julius Kelp

    • The Nutty Professor

    Jerry Lewis embodies the stereotype of scientists and nerds with his portrayal of Professor Julius Kelp in 1963's The Nutty Professor. Glasses, a terrible haircut, a bow tie, and teeth in need of braces complete the comedic counterpoint to alter ego Buddy Love, born of a chemical potion meant to make Kelp more attractive to the ladies.

    Painfully aware of the horrible person he becomes as the attractive and outgoing Buddy Love, Kelp eventually chooses to reveal his true identity to his students before running off with love interest Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens). 

  • Hermione Granger on Random Most Memorable Nerds In Movie History

    (#2) Hermione Granger

    • Harry Potter Universe

    A shining example of Hermione Granger's unrepentant nerdiness comes when she takes the time to correct schoolmates and friends Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) on the pronunciation of a levitating spell. Her exasperated instruction, "It's leviOsa, not levioSA!” lets readers and movie viewers alike know exactly where Miss Granger stands when it comes to attention to detail and a drive to educate not only herself, but also those around her in the wizarding world.

    Her strengths throughout the series lie in her ability to find and condense, apply, and translate information in order to save herself and her friends from certain doom. Her nerdiness definitely saves the day more than once.

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Nerds, meaning a person who is addicted to books and unable to understand human accidents. Generally refers to reading dead books, dogmatism, bookish very strong, unsophisticated. Usually refers to can only read the book not to use the book is only a flexible person.

This randomly generated tool collates 17 entries and documents some of the most famous nerd images in movie history. There are Egon Spengler, Hermione Granger, George McFly, Michelle Flaherty, Andy Stitzer, and others who are obsessed with reading, unable to keep up with what’s going on in society, less flexible, and less able to deal with the people around them. Which of the several characters in this tool would you consider nerdier?

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