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Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

  • Haku & Chihiro - 'Spirited Away' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#4) Haku & Chihiro - 'Spirited Away'

    When Chihiro is separated from her parents and whisked away to a magical world, she's forced to endure hard work in a bathhouse frequented by spirits. Exhausted and ill-equipped for the job, all Chihiro wants is to go home. She finds solace in Haku, a boy her age who she thinks is a fellow human, but who turns out to be the spirit of the Haku river whose natural form is a dragon. Despite their differences, the two still forge a beautiful bond that they'll always carry with them, even after Chihiro returns to her own world.

  • Raphtalia & Naofumi - 'The Rising Of The Shield Hero' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#15) Raphtalia & Naofumi - 'The Rising Of The Shield Hero'

    Raphtalia, a mixed race of Raccoon and Tanuki, is initially scared of Naofumi as her past masters treated her terribly. But after seeing how Naofumi always treats her with respect and kindness, Raphtalia falls in love with him. Although her feelings are unrequited at first, Naofumi comes to love her romantically by the end of the season.

  • Nishiki Nishio & Kimi Nishino - 'Tokyo Ghoul' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#7) Nishiki Nishio & Kimi Nishino - 'Tokyo Ghoul'

    Nishiki Nishio and Kimi Nishino aren't just in an interspecies relationship - they're in a predator/prey relationship. Nishiki is a ghoul, a species that physically resemble humans, but which actually feeds on them to survive. Meanwhile, Kimi is a human. While this might seem like a terrifying situation, Nishiki is quite capable of not eating Kimi, and in fact, has dedicated himself to protecting her from other ghouls.

    Why? Because while Nishiki was trying to blend into human society, he kept his identity as a ghoul a secret from everyone, including Kimi. When she ultimately found out, she accepted him and continued loving him, instead of turning him into the authorities as he feared. Their relationship seems almost impossible, but the two stay dedicated to each other despite the odds.

  • Nanami & Tomoe - 'Kamisama Kiss' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#17) Nanami & Tomoe - 'Kamisama Kiss'

    Nanami is a down-on-her-luck girl who's been kicked out of her apartment because of her absentee father's overwhelming debt. After visiting a run-down shrine, she meets a fox yokai (spirit) named Tomoe. One thing leads to another and Nanami suddenly becomes Tomoe's master. Although he is extremely reluctant to serve a human, Tomoe eventually falls in love with Nanami. While being a fox yokai proves to be difficult for their relationship, this couple proves that nothing can get in the way of their relationship.

  • Kraft Lawrence & Holo - 'Spice & Wolf' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#3) Kraft Lawrence & Holo - 'Spice & Wolf'

    Kraft Lawrence is a merchant who spends all of his time traveling from village to village trying to sell his wares and make money. Meanwhile, Holo is a harvest goddess with wolflike features who feels unappreciated by a village that no longer needs her blessings. She joins Lawrence on his travels by hopping into his cart. Though he sees her as an annoyance at first, the two eventually form a strong bond over the course of their travels. By the end of the light novels that the anime is based on, the two are married with children. 

  • Inuyasha & Kagome - 'Inuyasha' on Random Interspecies Relationships in Anime History

    (#1) Inuyasha & Kagome - 'Inuyasha'

    Kagome is a human being, while her eventual lover Inuyasha is a hybrid of human and dog demon. The demon side of Inuyasha's heritage lends him some incredible powers, including regeneration abilities, enhanced speed and strength, and more. Not only are the two of them different species, but they also come from different time periods. Kagome is from modern-day Japan, while Inuyasha is from the Sengoku period. To see each other, they must travel through time using a portal.

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Interspecific relationships are relationships formed by interactions between populations of different species. The interactions between the two populations may be indirect or direct, and the effects may be harmful or beneficial. 1 neutral, that is, there is no interaction between populations. In fact, there is a general association between living things and living things, and no interaction is relative. According to the degree of interaction, positive interactions can be divided into three categories: partial symbiosis, primitive cooperation and mutualism. 3 negative interactions, including competition, predation, parasitism and prejudice.

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