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  • Gilbert Nightray - 'Pandora Hearts' on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#13) Gilbert Nightray - 'Pandora Hearts'

    Gilbert Nightray occupies many roles, but in the current timeline of Pandora Hearts, he works as a valet for the Vessalius family, specifically attending to Oz. After Oz winds up trapped in the Abyss, Gilbert makes it his mission to rescue him. He does this through a combination of his own fighting prowess and his chain, Raven. On his own, Gilbert is a skilled gun-user who possesses enhanced speed, stamina, and resistance.

    Raven, a creature from the Abyss who he contracted with, grants him access to a wider range of skills. Through Raven, he can create extremely hot blue flames, seal other chains, teleport, create illusions, and use the Chains of Condemnation, which pass judgment on those who have been accused of sin, and open up portals to the Abyss. 

  • Hayate Ayasaki on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#14) Hayate Ayasaki

    • Hayate the Combat Butler

    Hayate Ayasaki is one of the few examples of a butler who actually is the main character. Before coming to work for the Sanzenin family, Hayate worked a wide range of odd jobs in order to support his deadbeat parents. This gives him a plethora of practical skills ranging from cooking and cleaning to cheating at mahjong. Also, his first butler job involved working for Athena Tennousu, who helped him to gain supernatural strength. 

    The way he got his job with the Sanzenin family is wild: he kidnaped her in order to pay off his parents' debts to the yakuza, and she mistook the kidnapping as a love confession, and paid off the debt for him. To work off the debt, he lends his services to the family as a combat butler, beating the stuffing out of anybody to tries to harm Nagi. Aside from using his super strength, he's also proficient with a wide range of weapons, from swords to guns.

  • Norman Burg - 'The Big O' on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#8) Norman Burg - 'The Big O'

    While Norman Burg does take care of some of his employer Roger's every day needs, like providing him with meals, that's not his primary function. His main job is actually defending the mansion against its various attackers. He can wield handguns, chain guns, machine guns, and rifles with ease. Oh, and he's also a talented mechanic who is in charge of the team who maintains the Big O mecha. The fact that Roger doesn't seem to be able to pay him on time is obscene.

  • Hagi - 'Blood+' on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#10) Hagi - 'Blood+'

    He's got the looks, the charms, the undying loyalty, and the deadly combat skills. What more could you want in a butler? Hagi is a chevalier, which means he possesses superhuman strength and speed. He can also shape-shift and heal his own wounds with his chiropteran blood. It's no wonder the series' heroine, Saya, falls in love with her powerful and devoted butler. 

  • Roberta on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#9) Roberta

    In a former life, Roberta Cisneros was a guerrila warrior for F.A.R.C, who was trained to take on assassination missions in Cuba. Eventually, she got tired of committing what she saw as senseless acts of violence for people who viewed her as a tool, so she decided to take a job as a maid for the Lovelace family instead. Though terrible at her domestic duties, she is fiercely protective of the family, especially young Garcia.

    She hasn't completely forgotten her combat skills, however. She's proficient with an assortment of weapons, including heavy guns like the Barrett M82A1 anti-material sniper rifle with an attached grenade launcher, a SPAS-12 shotgun that looks like an umbrella, knives, brass knuckles, and more. Besides that, she's a skilled martial artist with incredible stealth and tracking abilities. 

  • Watari on Random Anime Butlers Who Are Stronger Than Most Protagonists

    (#3) Watari

    • Death Note, Death Note

    While it might seem like Watari does very little besides offer up delicious confections at L's request, there's a lot more to the old man than meets the eye. He's actually the owner of Wammy's House, an orphanage that finds the smartest kids on the planet and trains them to take on the lofty position of the world's greatest detective. He's been providing support to L since he was a child, but while part of it involves caring for his basic needs, some of it involves brokering connections with powerful people and wielding a sniper rifle. No matter how smart L might be, he'd be helpless without Watari and both of them know it. 

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Sebastian from Black Deacon, Deacon of the Von Doom Highway family, and also the devil. Summoned in black mass to make a pact with Charles. The price of draining Charles’s soul after the engagement is to serve as Charles’s Deacon and take orders from the Shire until Charles’s revenge is complete, serving as Charles’s revenge weapon and keeping Charles Safe.

In addition to Sebastian, the random tool generated 19 animated Butler characters. Each one of them is so famous that they drive millions of girls crazy. In addition to their very good looks, they are also very pleasant personality, every move is very attractive. Sebas Tian-’ Overlord’, Roberta, Hayate Ayasaki, Mosquito, etc.

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