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Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

  • Kagura Karatachi on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#10) Kagura Karatachi

    As the grandson of the Fourth Mizukage, Kagura Karatachi displays promising skills as a shinobi. He is considered to be the strongest shinobi in the Village Hidden by Mist and has not only been asked by Chōjūrō to take his place in the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, but to also succeed him as the next Mizukage. However, Kagura’s abnormal skills in Kenjutsu come at a cost, as his subconscious bloodlust caused him to slaughter his fellow classmates, making him fearful of using a sword.

  • Araya  on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#16) Araya

    Araya is a member of Team Shinki from the Village Hidden in the Sand. While his white and purple Hannya-like mask may seem intimidating, Araya is just as camera shy as Metal Lee. He prefers to have his puppets in the spotlight, such as the creepy life-like replica he made of himself. Araya’s Puppet Technique skills are so impressive he was able to fight on par with Sarada in Sharingan mode. 

  • Yurui on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#17) Yurui

    Yurui may act like a slob, even though he’s anything but a slouch. While extremely arrogant, Yurui is a talented ninja who knows how to throw his enemies off-guard with a false first impression. His weapon of choice is bubblegum, which he can use to trap enemies with or fire gooey projectiles at.

  • Boruto Uzumaki on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#9) Boruto Uzumaki

    • Naruto, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Boruto Uzumaki is so much like his dad, Naruto Uzumaki, in power and personality. He’s brash, arrogant, stubborn, but also loyal and caring to his friends and family. As a son of Naruto, Boruto is embedded with large chakra reserves, allowing him to perform the most advanced ninja techniques at a young age, such as mastering the Rasengan. Additionally, as the son of Hinata Hyuga, Boruto has inherited the Byakugan and can use it to communicate with the dead. Boruto is skilled in Taijutsu; eligible in Senjutsu, and has amazing agility too.

  • Shinki on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#2) Shinki

    Shinki is the prodigy shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Sand and the proud adoptive son of Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage. Before being trained by Gaara, Shinki had little to no control of his Iron Sand powers. Now, his Iron Sand abilities have surpassed his adoptive father’s. He can manipulate his Iron Sand for close-range attacks; unleash a giant wave from afar, and magnetize an enemy to his Iron Sand Weaponry. All while in a stationary position. In addition to Iron Sand, Shinki has also mastered the Puppet Technique and can control his skeleton puppet with sand instead of chakra threads. Regarding physical prowess, Shinki is quite agile and can quickly deliver counter-attacks to his enemies after evasion. 

  • Sumire Kakei on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#11) Sumire Kakei

    Trained at a young age for vengeance, Sumire Kakei infiltrated the Academy to avenge the disbandment of Root and the ex-communication of its members. While Sumire initially appeared meek and shy, she’s actually a highly-skilled ninja who’s capable of fighting back against an entire adult squad of elites. After Sumire is redeemed by Boruto and friends, her faux shy personality actually becomes genuine. Sumire is extremely fluent in Water Release and Shurikenjutsu techniques and has a stealthy style to her fighting. Her greatest skill was summoning, as she could use the Gozu Tennō on her back to conjure up a giant snake-like mass of negative chakra to attack with. Even after losing the summoning contract, Sumire still retains a portion of the seal on her left hand.

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Ninjas are a special kind of Japanese occupation. “Endure” means “hide”. There is a Chinese word for “endure”, the simple explanation is that in ancient Japan, a special body by a special “Ninjutsu training” produced by the special warfare killer, special warfare spies. What it presents is belongs to “the faction organization unit” the form. It’s kind of like a spy. Officially named after the Edo period, the Ninjas were trained in Ninjutsu, a form of espionage. Like the Bushido of the Samurai, Ninjas follow a set of rules that they pride themselves on. Ninjas usually wear dark blue or dark purple. Dark Blues and purples close to the night sky make Ninjas less visible.

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