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  • Mitsuki on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#1) Mitsuki

    Mitsuki is a synthetic human and the son/clone of Orochimaru. He is an extremely talented shinobi who lives a minimalist lifestyle and cares deeply for his friends, specifically Boruto. Much like Orochimaru, Mitsuki has a fluid fighting style that blends with his Soft Physique Modification attacks. Mitsuki also has high levels of chakra energy that allows him to perform Sage Transformation at such a young age, as well as achieving Sage Mode. Another similarity to his “father,” Mitsuki has a variety of snake-themed moves, such as the Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and the Snake Clone Technique.

  • Inojin Yamanaka on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#15) Inojin Yamanaka

    Inojin Yamanaka is the son of Ino and Sai Yamanaka. He’s obedient and heavily motivated, but also blunt and obtuse to other people’s feeling. Sai has taught Inojin how to animate his ink drawings to create powerful, real-life attacks, such as the Sealing Technique: Tiger Vision Staring Bullet. Sai has also learned about Medical Ninjutsu from his mother, allowing him to use that knowledge to restrict his enemies and power-up his friends.

  • Iwabee Yuino on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#13) Iwabee Yuino

    Iwabee Yuino is a talented shinobi who, unfortunately, has trouble passing the academic side of being a ninja. Because of his poor testing skills and being constantly held back, Iwabee developed a rude and domineering attitude towards others. However, he begins to change for the better - in spirit and test performance - after meeting Boruto and friends. Iwabee’s greatest strength as a ninja is the Earth Release technique, as he can create a variety of weapons and protective walls from the ground below. 

  • Mirai Sarutobi on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#7) Mirai Sarutobi

    Mirai Sarutobi is the daughter of Kurenai Yūhi and Asuma Sarutobi. As a member of the Sarutobi Clan, Mirai is an exceptionally skilled fighter who can take on multiple opponents head-on with her chakra blades. Mirai is so renowned for her abilities she has been assigned bodyguard duties to high-profile clients, such as the Sixth and Seventh Hokage. Just like her fallen father, Mirai can take things too seriously, but she is also honorable and eager to rise up against a challenge. She possesses many of the techniques of her parents, such as the Flying Swallow or the Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death.

  • Himawari on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#3) Himawari

    • Crayon Shin-chan: The Legend Called: Dance! Amigo!

    Himawari Uzumaki is the adorable little sister of Boruto and the daughter of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki. While she’s not officially a ninja, Himawari does have the potential to be one of the greats. Her most notable achievement was awakening her Byakugan, after Boruto accidentally destroyed her panda toy. Even at a young age, Himawari had enough strength to knock out her father in a single blow. The incident made Naruto and Boruto forever afraid of awakening Himawari’s anger again. 

  • Araya  on Random Strongest Next Generation Ninja From Boruto

    (#16) Araya

    Araya is a member of Team Shinki from the Village Hidden in the Sand. While his white and purple Hannya-like mask may seem intimidating, Araya is just as camera shy as Metal Lee. He prefers to have his puppets in the spotlight, such as the creepy life-like replica he made of himself. Araya’s Puppet Technique skills are so impressive he was able to fight on par with Sarada in Sharingan mode. 

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Ninjas are a special kind of Japanese occupation. “Endure” means “hide”. There is a Chinese word for “endure”, the simple explanation is that in ancient Japan, a special body by a special “Ninjutsu training” produced by the special warfare killer, special warfare spies. What it presents is belongs to “the faction organization unit” the form. It’s kind of like a spy. Officially named after the Edo period, the Ninjas were trained in Ninjutsu, a form of espionage. Like the Bushido of the Samurai, Ninjas follow a set of rules that they pride themselves on. Ninjas usually wear dark blue or dark purple. Dark Blues and purples close to the night sky make Ninjas less visible.

The random generator tool compiles 18 items, listing 18 of the more famous Ninja characters in Boruto. See if there are any ninjas you like and follow, such as Shinki, Mitsuki, Himawari, Sarada Uchiha, etc.

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