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  • Respira - 'Bleach' on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#13) Respira - 'Bleach'

    Respira, also known as the "Breath of Death," is an appropriate name for this powerful technique. Baraggan Louisenbairn uses this power while in his Resurrección, Arrogante. Respira is a smoke-like miasma that can instantly age and rot anything in its way. The only way to stop it from consuming your entire body and killing you is to immediately amputate the afflicted area. If you're not quick enough, it's an instant death. 

  • Crime & Punishment - 'Bungo Stray Dogs' on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#15) Crime & Punishment - 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    The founder and leader of the organization called Rats in the House of the Dead has an ability that has yet to be fully described. How he does it is still a mystery, but Fyodor Dostoevsky has been seen destroying his opponents with a simple touch. Not bad for a guy who apparently has an "anemic, sickly constitution." 

  • Overhaul - 'My Hero Academia' on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#5) Overhaul - 'My Hero Academia'

    Kai Chisaki is the leader of the yakuza group Shie Hassaikai, and he didn't achieve that level of power by accident. His quirk, Overhaul, lets him disassemble and reassemble matter into any form he chooses - basically, the dude's doing FMA-style alchemy in a world where nobody else knows how to do it. This ability can be used in a wide variety of ways, ranging from healing injuries to fusing with his allies to destroying them on contact. That last one is why he's on this particular list - if he touches you, he can turn you into goo. 

  • True Death - 'Overlord' on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#9) True Death - 'Overlord'

    Gazef Stronoff and Ainz Ooal Gown were friends before they found themselves on opposite sides of a war. This was a big problem, because while the two were equally matched in friendship, they weren't so much in skill. Unable to see a future where his friend might survive, Ainz offs him out of mercy, at his request. This sounds awful, but this was just before he unleashed a bunch of horrible goat demons that would wipe out 20,000 people in a shot, so it's understandable that Gazef would have wanted to avoid that.

    To accomplish this, he uses a high-level spell that not only ends him right away, it also ensures that he can't be brought back to life using low-level spells. That was what Gazef wanted, too.

  • Suzumebachi - 'Bleach' on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#10) Suzumebachi - 'Bleach'

    Using her Zanpakutō Suzumebachi, Suì-Fēng, the commander-in-chief of the Onmitsukidō, is able to take out her opponents more or less instantly. Her Shikai ability, Nigeki Kessatsu, allows her to stab her opponent once, leaving a butterfly shaped mark. It's possible that they'll survive that hit, but anyone who is hit in the same place a second time is guaranteed to lose their life. It might not be exactly a 1-hit KO, but considering its overwhelming power and the fact that two blows means your inevitable demise, it more than qualifies for this list.

  • Light Yagami on Random Greatest Instant Kill Moves In Anim

    (#4) Light Yagami

    • Death Note, Death Note: Re-light: L's Successors, Death Note, Death Note: The Last Name

    If a Death Note user knows a person's name and face, and writes their name down, that person's life will end. If no other instructions are written, they will have a heart attack and pass away within 40 seconds, but if the user wants to get fancy they can specify the time and cause, and control the person's actions surrounding their demise. There are a few other rules, but generally speaking, there's no way to avoid losing your life if your name's been written down.

    The only real difficulty is that not everybody's name and face are accessible - sure, you could trade half your life span for the Shinigami Eyes, but if you're like Light Yagami, you're not going accept that kind of deal - you have a kingdom to build, and you need all the years you have left to do it.

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The signature move is like the signature dish. It’s your own, but it can also be imitated, like Jordan’s tongue sticking out and Koby’s clothes shaking. And that Cristiano Ronaldo always strikes a pose when he kicks a free kick. Someone is always doing something, so that when others see it, they think of him, and it becomes his signature move.

The instant killer character in the cartoon has his own signature move, so that when you see it, you remember that this is the action of the hero. The random tool generated 18 of the most iconic poses, such as Saitama, Scar, Kaguya Tsusuki, Light Yagami, and so on. Can you think of any of their classic poses?

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