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Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

  • Miley Stewart on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#5) Miley Stewart

    • Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert, Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) is nothing short of a scene-stealer. Miley, who lives as a regular girl by day and a superstar by night, is dramatic, creative, self-confident, and able to achieve anything she commits herself to. Leos are also able to use their intelligence to resolve complicated situations, and living a double life is certainly complicated. She moved all the way from Tennessee to Malibu to live her dream, displaying classic Leo bravery all the way.

  • Raven Baxter on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#12) Raven Baxter

    • That's So Raven

    Pisces are known for their innate wisdom and intuitive abilities. On top of that they are artistic, compassionate, and fun. Enter Raven Baxter (Raven Symone) from That's So Raven! Raven has her own intuitive Pisces abilities in the form of psychic visions, but these visions also have the uncanny ability to get both her and her family into bad situations. When this happens, Raven taps into the artistic side of her Pisces persona and uses her acting skills and her talent for designing costumes to disguise herself as someone else. She can occasionally be bossy and brutally honest, but ultimately this makes her a wonderful friend.

  • Zuri Ross on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#1) Zuri Ross

    • Jessie

    Zuri Ross (Skai Jackson) is one of the main characters in the Disney Channel series Jessie, and its spin-off, BUNK'D. Zuri is fun and energetic, just like the first sign of the zodiac. Aries are competitive and always want to be first in everything! This can make them stubborn as well as sassy, just like Zuri. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars, Aries is one of the most active signs - they're always using their imagination to get up to something. Like Zuri, Aries are also undeniably brave. Heading off to camp in a place you don't know can be scary, but she tackles the challenge like a true Aries.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Phil Diffy on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#4) Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Phil Diffy

    Those born under the sign of Cancer wear their hearts on their sleeve, and because of this they can have a hard time blending into the world around them. Just imagine how painfully hard it would be for a Cancer to have to blend into a world that is over 100 years in the past. Time traveler Phil Diffy (Ricky Ullman) from Disney's Phil of the Future felt that way while trying to act like he belonged in 2004, when he was actually from 2121. Despite being in the wrong time period, Phil was tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, and sympathetic. These Cancer qualities helped him get by in a crazy past world and build strong emotional ties, which all Cancers need at the end of the day.

  • Libra (September 23 - October 22): Harley Diaz on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#7) Libra (September 23 - October 22): Harley Diaz

    People born under the sign of Libra are peaceful, fair, and hate being alone. That's a good thing for Harley Diaz (Jenna Ortega); as the middle child of seven siblings, she doesn't have much choice. Harley, the protagonist of Stuck in the Middle, is constantly using her talents to invent things that will make her family's life easier. Libras always strive to create harmony in their surroundings, just like Harley. This sign loves peace, beauty, and for everyone to play nice and get along. It's tough with such a big family, but Harley makes it work.

  • Riley Matthews on Random Disney Channel Show Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac

    (#6) Riley Matthews

    • Girl Meets World

    Virgos are helpful, service-orientated, and sometimes perceived as goody-goodies, rather like Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) from Girl Meets World. This sign is analytical, kind, hardworking, and studious. Sound familiar? You and Riley have these traits in common. Riley has to enter the unfamiliar world of middle school, and her Virgo qualities definitely help her overcome many challenges. She is a strong character with big goals, but above all else she is loyal to her friends and family. Virgos are the kind of friend you would be lucky to have, just like Riley!

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The random tool generated 12 items that corresponded to different Disney characters according to the personality traits of each Zodiac sign. Some are clever, some are sincere, some are kind, some are shrewd.

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