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  • (#2) He Lied to Rachel about Getting the Annulment

    Season 6, Episodes 1 to 5

    After they get drunk and married in Vegas, Rachel and Ross decide to get an annulment. He promises to take care of everything, but changes his mind because he doesn’t want to have three failed marriages. Of course, he also lies to Rachel about the whole matter until it's too late and they have to get a divorce. Could he be any creepier? 
  • (#13) He Basically Abandoned His Child

    Seasons: 1 through 10

    When Carol first gave birth to Ben, Ross was portrayed as a loving and caring father. As the series progressed, however, Ben stopped being an important presence in Ross’s life, and only appeared a couple of times in the later seasons. Once Emma was born, Ben was completely left behind and never heard of again. Ross basically got away with being the worst father in sitcom history.  
  • (#9) He Dated a Student

    Season 6, Episode 18, "The One Where Ross Dates a Student"

    Being a professor is a huge responsibility – and we’re pretty sure sleeping with students wasn’t part of the job description. But when Elizabeth asks Ross out, she’s just too cute for him to say no. Who cares about the age difference or the fact that the university forbids it? Not only that, but he also follows her to Florida for spring break because he’s jealous and completely unreasonable. At least this creepy relationship led to a guest appearance by Bruce Willis, so it wasn’t all bad.  
  • (#11) He Cheated on Rachel

    Season 3, Episode 15, "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break"

    Break or no break, you don’t sleep with another woman four hours after a huge fight with your girlfriend. Not only did Ross cheat on Rachel, he also spent half of the next episode running around to make sure she would never find out. Not cool. 
  • (#15) He Started a Rumor About Rachel

    Season 8, Episode 9, "The One With the Rumor"

    Back in high school, Ross and his friend Will were in an "I hate Rachel" club. They didn’t just hang around saying mean things about her, they actually started a rumor that she had both male and female reproductive parts. Apparently, everybody heard it. Even Chandler. 
  • (#12) He Said the Wrong Name at the Altar

    Season 4, Episode 24, "The One With Ross’s Wedding"

    Sure, he may have still had lingering feelings for Rachel. Who knows? But calling your future wife by the wrong name at the altar is no way to start a successful marriage, Ross. No wonder you get divorced so often.   

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"Friends" is considered one of the most popular and influential sitcoms in TV history. Even if this TV series ended a long time ago. Each character on the TV series has a unique personality and humor. Among them, Ross always makes the audience laugh because of his stubborn and goofy but lovable demeanor. He always talks about profound scientific principles, which makes others drowsy.

It is surprising that in the "Friends" special prepared by HBO, the 6 main leading characters will return, which makes many fans look forward to it very much. Here the random tool introduced 17 creepy things Ross ever did that every loyal fan knows. 

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