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  • (#15) Satanists Do Not Sacrifice Animals

    From user: Satans_Secretary

    First and foremost, we do NOT do that "sacrifice humans/animals" sh*t. Satan says that people who do this are "lunatics" and "not his children."

    Demons are not "evil monsters." They're actually the gods of humanity.
    For example, my guardian is goetic demon named Haagenti; more well-known as Bastet, the Egyptian Goddess of cats. 
    Her presence smells like honey.

    Satan is a kind and loving person and looks fairly human; he is not an "evil red goat man who hates humanity."

    Satanism's goal is basically finishing what he started; giving us the ability to reach godhood.
    Related, Satanism is actually against the use of drugs/smokes/drinking since it is detrimental to the path of godhood.

    Satan is older than Christianity (he was once known as Enki), and even modern civilization (500k years.) Christianity and the like were/are actually reactions to Satanism.”

  • (#7) Satanism Isn't Based On Evil, But Mutual Respect

    From user: Dark0mega

    It isn't actually really evil or something. They are against rape, are against killing animals (apart from food), allow all sexualities, are respectful to children, respect other people's opinions and they respect other people's property.

  • (#13) Theistic Satanists Are Different Than LaVeyan Church Of Satan

    From user: AngelicasPromise

    1) The most important and obvious difference between us is we believe Satan is real and we worship him in his whole rather than using him as a philosophical mascot. We believe he is greater than us and we credit him so.

    2) He is the Blasphemer. He is the Deceiver. He is the Corrupt. He turned his back on his children, he named himself "God", he made himself the all-powerful, he planted his seed of corruption, blinding us, and turning us against one another. He makes us kill each other for his favor and then he tells us he loves us? His greatest crime: he led his children from the path to enlightenment.

    3) We see Satan as something higher than he sees himself. While Satan remains humble, we see him as something far greater. The most common trait associated with him being wise, as he is the last guide for mortals to the path to enlightenment.

    4) As we do not associate ourselves with the Satanic Church (We're members of the Black Church,) we do not follow the Satanic Bible, rather instead, we follow the Black Bible.”

  • (#5) You Aren't Really Defined As A Satanist

    From user: ivene-adlev

    We don't actually believe in Satan (most of us. There are theistic satanists but most are atheists.) Instead, Satanism at its core is literally an antithesis of Christianity. Where Christianity promotes denial of pleasurable things (sex, some hobbies, being gay) Satanism vouches for it. Where Christianity says 'turn the other cheek' Satanism says to f*ck that b*tch up as much as they did you. And maybe a little more, as a lesson. Where a lot of Christians will give their opinions on things that do not concern them at all, Satanists dislike this and try not to do so.

    And mostly, the religion is hardly that. There are no official church masses or anything. The only thing that really defines you as a Satanist is either saying 'Hey, I'm a Satanist' or buying a $200 card that says 'Hey, I'm a Satanist'. There are no special rituals you go through, and you are free to leave at any time, without requesting permission to officially leave from a Pope or anything stupid.”

  • (#6) We Treasure This Life Because We Don't Believe In The Afterlife

    From user: LordRuby

    “I've been a Satanist for over 15 years. I keep it totally secret from everyone except for my husband and my grade school friends. Since not many people know, it not that important to me what misconceptions people have. Mainly I worry about things like, what if the government started persecuting non-christians, we would be first because people think we sacrifice babies.

    Murder is against the beliefs of Satanists because Satanists don't believe in an afterlife, so if you kill an innocent person you took away the only life they will every have.

    I don't believe in the supernatural, but I think it's possible that there are things that we are so far from understanding scientifically that we might as well act like they are supernatural. So a curse probably has not effect, but if something bad happens to someone I cast one on it makes me feel like maybe some sort of weird physics thing we don't understand happened and it make me feel better if I pretend I caused it.

    The reason I worship myself is I don't think anything is spiritually superior to myself, I don't understand why there would be any hierarchy. I do eat animals even though I see them as equals because they are not humans so they are not part of human society.”

  • (#11) Satanism Places Strong Emphasis On Holding Yourself Accountable

    From user: Gingor

    It's a way that emphasizes the strength of the individual.
    It places a strong emphasis on being responsible for one's actions, not depending on others, and not teaching others to depend on you either.
    It makes you strong, although many would argue selfish.

    It's only "dark" from the standpoint of Christianity, which was aimed at keeping people stupid and weak for centuries (not making a comment on the current situation with this, btw, talking about medieval times.)"

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Satanism has a long history. It is generally believed that it originated from the European Enlightenment. It was only registered as a religion in modern times. There have been many groups that believed in Satan before. The Church Of Satan was founded in the United States in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey. The teaching has grown from one place in San Francisco at the beginning of its establishment to all parts of the world today. 

The creed of Satanism is simple and easy to understand, but its values and behavior patterns have been misunderstood by the world. The random tool explained the17 biggest misconceptions about Satanism that most people have.

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