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  • StormWatch on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#8) StormWatch

    • Book
    Published by Wildstorm and owned by Jim Lee, Stormwatch featured openly gay superheroes, Apollo and Midnighter. The mainstream series was one of the first to highlight gay culture, and is still cited as a major influence of the LGBT movement in comics.
  • Stuck Rubber Baby on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#16) Stuck Rubber Baby

    • Book
    Howard Cruse's monumental tribute to the journey of a freshly out youngster in the civil rights-era deep south is a must read for anyone struggling in the closet as well as anyone who has ever wanted insight into such a deeply personal issue.
  • Northstar on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#6) Northstar

    • Fictional Character
    While Northstar was a character in Stormwatch (also mentioned on this list), he's best known for his appearance in X-Men. In Astonishing X-Men #51, he marries his partner, Kyle Jinadu.
  • Love & Rockets on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#17) Love & Rockets

    Marcie and Patty's relationship from the classic series is just as relevant and progressive thirty years after its original release. How's that for good storytelling? 
  • Dykes to Watch Out For on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#12) Dykes to Watch Out For

    Alison Bechdel's 25 year run of Dykes to Watch Out For is pretty much the alpha and omega of LGBT comics. Both a memoir and an excellent commentary on gay culture, it's a necessity for any comic book collector with an interest in the subject.
  • Seven miles a second on Random Best LGBTQ+ Comic Books

    (#22) Seven miles a second

    • Book
    David Wojnarowicz's autobiographical comic was published by Vertigo after his death of AIDS-related illness in 1992. Seven Miles a Second is a heartfelt, personal piece that tells the story of his life as a kid living on the streets of New York.

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It is indeed a good choice to celebrate Pride Month by enjoying LGBTQ + comic books. Looking back on history, people will find that there are actually not many comic books on LGBTQ+ themes, and there are too many books to choose from, whether you want a superhero, a science fiction comic series, or a fantasy story. These comics attract readers of all ages, including life-changing classics.

This random tool can help you find interesting LGBTQ+ comic books to spend your holiday on, it collected 22 items here. Whether they are LGBTQ+ people or not, everyone will be interested in these interesting plots. 

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