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  • Alexandra Eames on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#9) Alexandra Eames

    • Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Before joining the Major Case squad, Detective Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) was part of NYPD VICE for five years. She joined the police force in order to follow in the footsteps of her father, an NYPD officer.   

    Alex Eames is very pragmatic, and plays everything at MCS by the books. Her personality often clashes with her partner, Detective Goren, but they eventually grow to form a strong partnership. Occasionally, Eames crosses paths with SVU detectives to solve major cases that involve sex crimes. She and Detective Benson have a good rapport, and in one episode, she even takes down the sniper responsible for shooting Detective Rollins.

  • Serena Stevens on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#27) Serena Stevens

    Detective Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) began her police career with the Chicago PD, but transfers to the Major Case squad. She grew up with a Marine for a father, and the two lived in Islamabad when she was a child, where she learned to read Urdu and Arabic.   

    Stevens is a huge White Sox fan, and has an 8 year-old daughter named Kira. Her sense of humor tends to lighten things up, and she is a solid detective.  
  • Sergeant Max Greevey on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#21) Sergeant Max Greevey

    Sergeant Max Greevey on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'
  • Lennie Briscoe on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#1) Lennie Briscoe

    • Law & Order

    Detective Briscoe has worked for the NYPD for over 30 years, and is a decorated detective and former US Corporal in the United States Army. Like many Law & Order detectives, Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) always puts the job first, even at the expense of his family. He is now a recovering alcoholic, and attends AA meetings, but unfortunately, he got clean much too late to have a real relationship with any of his family members. Briscoe's daughter OD'd, and he spends much of his time blaming himself. Lennie Briscoe passes in 2005 after retiring from the 27th precinct.

  • Megan Wheeler on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#20) Megan Wheeler

    • Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Detective Wheeler joins the MCS as Detective Barek's replacement. Previously, she worked undercover for several years, investigating drug crimes, money laundering, and white-collar crimes.   

    Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is often made fun of by the other guys on the squad for being so young, but her youth comes in handy when it comes time to solve crimes that involve short-hand teenager lingo via text messages. She takes a break from MCS at one point to teach a class in Europe.  

    Later, Wheeler is impregnated by her fiancé, who has recently been arrested for money laundering and racketeering by the FBI. She gives birth to his child, and subsequently retires.
  • Carolyn Barek on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#22) Carolyn Barek

    Detective Carolyn Barek (Annabella Sciorra, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is a criminal profiler who comes to the Major Case squad after working for two years post-9/11 for the FBI. She's a Catholic, and was raised by an extremely abusive mother. She is fluent in several languages, including Polish, Spanish, Cantonese, Yiddish, Russian, and Creole.   

    Barek is ultimately a caretaker, and although she and Detective Logan don't see eye-to-eye, she always has his back. She leaves MCS on bad terms with him.  

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Law & Order, a two-part series about the New York City Police Department’s Manhattan District 27 detectives who solve crimes, and the Manhattan District Attorney who prosecutes criminals. Unlike other crime dramas, law and order have few gun battles, hot chase scenes, few high-tech, and no superheroes. Detectives scoured the streets, prosecutors argued, and negotiated to bring the bad guys to justice, in and out of the courtroom.

The random generator tool summarizes 27 items, details the names of detectives who appear in Law & Order, and has a simple ranking of their personalities, behaviors, professional abilities, etc. . In this tool, you can see detectives like Lennie Briscoe, Olivia Benson, John Munch, Elliot Stabler, Fin Tututuola, Ed Green.

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