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  • Mike Logan on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#8) Mike Logan

    Mike Logan (Chris Noth) is a good detective with a rough past. As a child growing up in a working-class, Irish family, he was physically abused by his Catholic mother, and sexually assaulted by a priest. He now behaves like a misanthropic womanizer to cover up the pain of his abuse.  

    Logan works for Manhattan Homicide for several years, until he is fired for engaging in a physical altercation with a homophobic politician. He is then transferred to the Staten Island Domestic Disputes squad, where he works for several years.  

    After his stint on Staten Island, it is revealed in the made for TV movie Exiled: A Law & Order Movie that he is trying to work his way back onto the Manhattan Homicide unit by solving a murder case. He is instead moved to the Major Case squad on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.  

    Detective Logan works on the MC squad for 25 years, before he develops a sense of injustice and anger against the criminal justice system. The death of his girlfriend, combined with the DA trying to cover up a 16-year-old homicide proves to be too much for him. He retires in order to do something more fulfilling with his life than be a police officer. 
  • Serena Stevens on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#27) Serena Stevens

    Detective Serena Stevens (Saffron Burrows, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) began her police career with the Chicago PD, but transfers to the Major Case squad. She grew up with a Marine for a father, and the two lived in Islamabad when she was a child, where she learned to read Urdu and Arabic.   

    Stevens is a huge White Sox fan, and has an 8 year-old daughter named Kira. Her sense of humor tends to lighten things up, and she is a solid detective.  
  • Phil Cerreta on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#16) Phil Cerreta

    Sargeant Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino) is brought in to the 27th Precinct to investigate the murder of Sgt. Greevey. He often uses his charm and good manners to investigate cases. Phil has never fired his gun during his entire career as a detective.   

    Cerreta is shot in the line of duty by an insane drug addict, and forced to take a desk job at the 110th Precinct. He has a wife and a 15-year-old daughter named Linda.  

  • Megan Wheeler on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#20) Megan Wheeler

    • Law & Order: Criminal Intent

    Detective Wheeler joins the MCS as Detective Barek's replacement. Previously, she worked undercover for several years, investigating drug crimes, money laundering, and white-collar crimes.   

    Megan Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson, Law & Order: Criminal Intent) is often made fun of by the other guys on the squad for being so young, but her youth comes in handy when it comes time to solve crimes that involve short-hand teenager lingo via text messages. She takes a break from MCS at one point to teach a class in Europe.  

    Later, Wheeler is impregnated by her fiancé, who has recently been arrested for money laundering and racketeering by the FBI. She gives birth to his child, and subsequently retires.
  • Nick Falco on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#24) Nick Falco

    Even though Detective Falco seems like a loose cannon, he's actually a law student, which leads him to be more cautious than his partners would like. He often calls out other detectives for breaking little-known laws, even though in court their "crimes" would have been seen as good-faith arrests.   

    Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli) has two children; a boy and a girl. One night, he brings home a date to his apartment, and when he wakes up, he finds her murdered. After his squad investigates, it is found that she was a member of a crime family known for committing robberies, and that she had drugged Falco's drink with Rohypnol.  
  • Elliot Stabler on Random All The Detectives From 'Law & Order'

    (#4) Elliot Stabler

    • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

    Detective Stabler is a no nonsense, take-no-prisoners, Irish Catholic tough guy that you can't help but love. At his core, Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni, Law & Order: SVU) is a straight-up dad, albeit one with a sick arm tattoo from the Marines and no-holds-barred interrogation tactics. If you're a pedophile, watch out; The Stabes has your number, and you're likely to be on the receiving end of his violent temper towards perps. He almost always gets the collar, but sometimes, his anger and frustration gets the better of him.  

    He retires after shooting and killing an armed suspect in the precinct; the suspect was a young girl grieving the death of her mother, and Stabler had to take her out in order to save everyone else in the squad room. 

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Law & Order, a two-part series about the New York City Police Department’s Manhattan District 27 detectives who solve crimes, and the Manhattan District Attorney who prosecutes criminals. Unlike other crime dramas, law and order have few gun battles, hot chase scenes, few high-tech, and no superheroes. Detectives scoured the streets, prosecutors argued, and negotiated to bring the bad guys to justice, in and out of the courtroom.

The random generator tool summarizes 27 items, details the names of detectives who appear in Law & Order, and has a simple ranking of their personalities, behaviors, professional abilities, etc. . In this tool, you can see detectives like Lennie Briscoe, Olivia Benson, John Munch, Elliot Stabler, Fin Tututuola, Ed Green.

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