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Random X-Files Storylines That Were Based on Real Life Stories

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    (#9) "Duane Barry" (Season Two, Episode 5) 

    In 1848, an explosion during a mining accident sent a crowbar into the head of Phineas Gage, who lived to tell the story. From that day on, Gage was a changed man. He still looked the same once his wounds healed, but his personality was irreparably altered, according to friends and family. The once energetic worker was "no longer Gage." In fact, he was now described as "profane, coarse, and vulgar to decent people."

    This fascinating case of head injury similar to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, inspired The X-Files episode "Duane Barry," which showcases a man who after surviving a bullet to the head, deals with a personality change.

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    (#23) "Kaddish" (Season Four, Episode 15)

    What is it about about hellbent, man-eating monsters that appeal to almost every religion and culture in the world? In the episode "Kaddish," the FBI investigates the Jewish myth of the Golem, who comes back from the dead to seek vengeance. But even before that episode, The X-Files often portrayed all types of demonic creatures, including the Wendingo and the Chupacabra.
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    (#19) "Fresh Bones" (Season Two, Episode 15)

    A lot of great horror stories are based on news events that trigger an idea for something even darker. Just look at episode "Fresh Bones." The inspiration behind voodoo and black magic came from multiple articles and news pieces about an outbreak of suicides on a military base in Haiti.
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    (#3) "The Jersey Devil" (Season One, Episode 5)

    New Jersey - home to the Jersey Shore "guido" and The Jersey Devil sightings. In January 1909, hundreds of people reported that a kangaroo-like animal with leathery bat wings and an elongated horse face attacked trolley cars, social clubs, and hunters around town. Police even claimed to have spotted and fired upon the monster, but despite their best efforts to hunt it down, a body was never found.

    The X-Files riffs on the legend of the Jersey Devil in the episode, "The Jersey Devil" (naturally). It focuses on the resurgence of attacks on the New Jersey Turnpike that leave victims with missing their limbs.
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    (#11) "El Mundo Gira" (Season Four, Episode 11)

    Latin American folklore tells of a goat killing, blood drinking, reptilian beast from hell, called "El Chupacabra." The tales, appearance, and behavior of the mythical beast were the backbone of the episode "El Mundo Gira," which targets a mysterious fungus that infests a group of refugees.
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    (#14) "Tunguska" (Season 4, Episode 9)

    Soviet Gulags and asteroids collide in this episode based on a whole bunch of real life occurrences. On December 27, 1984, a team of American scientists found a meteorite they thought might contain alien life. It didn't, but the Allen Hills 84001 meteorite - mixed with stories of isolation, imprisonment, and experimentation in Soviet Gulags - was the basis for the episode "Tunguska," which is a direct reference to a bizarre meteor event in Russia in 1908.

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Every case in X-Files is too bizarre. These storylines usually involve supernatural creatures, mythological monsters, and aliens, etc. The random tool introduced 23 creepy storylines that were related to stories in real life.

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