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  • Colorado on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#17) Colorado

    • 1876-08-01

    If you've ever been to Colorado, then you know that the Centennial State is so full of hippy-dippy stuff that it's all but begging extraterrestrials to stop by and have a pot cookie. In one instance of abduction, a woman named Ann was picked up by a Nordic alien who maintains a close telekinetic relationship with her. Their relationship is so strong that Ann routinely disrupts electrical fields with her mind. Aside from Ann's new superpowers, the town of Hooper, CO consistently plays host to a variety of UFOs. Locals have even built a UFO dome where you can go watch the night sky, and they refer to State Highway 17 as "The Cosmic Highway." Groovy.

  • Maryland on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#13) Maryland

    • 1788-04-25

    Maryland has played host to hoards of spooky things over the years: Edgar Allen Poe, a weather-predicting crab, and a lot of contact with extraterrestrials. One of the state's strangest run-ins with a UFO happened in 1969 when a man and his brother-in-law spotted a UFO flying near a farm as they were driving in rural Maryland, and even though the encounter only took about 90 seconds, they didn't continue their journey until much later that evening. Were they abducted? Or did they simply lose track of time on a lazy Maryland day?

  • Texas on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#20) Texas

    • 1845-12-29

    The great state of Texas is so big that, of course, it has more than a few UFO cases to sink your reptilian teeth into. One woman from Stephenville, TX recounts being taken hostage by some extraterrestrials using a large magnet. Despite the rough beginning to the abduction, the aliens were able to tell her about her impending divorce, so that's good. Meanwhile, in Killeen, aliens are running around East Texas trying to kidnap babies. Everything is weirder in Texas, but it's rarely corroborated, which is why it's low on the list. 

  • Illinois on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#4) Illinois

    • 1818-08-26

    Some of the most corroborated UFO sightings and abductions have happened in the great state of Illinois. A father and son were hijacked outside of Peoria by a mismatched group of Greys. The aliens performed a series of gland tests on John Sr. and John Jr. before they "bonded" with their mysterious abductors. In less sexy extraterrestrial run-ins, multiple triangular UFOs have been sighted over Ferris Bueller's home state. They're probably just trying to figure out why Hot Doug's closed. 

  • New Jersey on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#3) New Jersey

    • 1787-12-18

    For such a small state, there sure is a lot of extraterrestrial activity happening in New Jersey. Maybe it's because New Jersey is super weird. Or maybe aliens just like The Boss. Whatever the case, there have been substantial reports of UFOs in the skies over the garden state, ranging from NFL quarterbacks catching a glimpse of a ship to a mass abduction perpetrated by a group of telepathic aliens with a surplus of cold, metal beds. 

  • Michigan on Random States Where You Are Most Likely to Be Abducted by an Alien

    (#5) Michigan

    • 1837-01-26

    When you think of Michigan, your thoughts likely go to the cemetery city of Detroit or undrinkable water, but the Great Lakes State has a rich history of being visited by our neighbors from outside the solar system. For instance, take the mini-wave of UFO sightings that happened in Michigan in 2009, a six-week period of near constant alien flybys. 

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Almost every country will have scientists studying the universe, space, and aliens. While people are still hesitating about the existence of aliens and whether they will visit the earth, many people claim that they have been harassed by aliens. In recent years, people have often mentioned aliens and UFOs. Some people even claim that they have been kidnapped by aliens. Those weird things can not have evidence and scientific explanation.

Do you believe in the existence of aliens? There are reports of alien kidnapping incidents in every US state. Here the random tool lists 20 states where you are most likely to be abducted by aliens. You could search for all the real cases of being kidnapped by aliens that you want to know here.

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