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Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

  • Drag Me to Hell on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#32) Drag Me to Hell

    • Octavia Spencer, Justin Long, Lia Johnson, David Paymer, Alison Lohman, Joanne Baron, Fernanda Romero, Ted Raimi, Bojana Novakovic, Adriana Barraza, Alexis Cruz, Reggie Lee, Ruth Livier, Chelcie Ross, Paul Edney, Molly Cheek, Scott Spiegel, Bonnie Aarons, Christopher Young, Bridget Hoffman, Alex Veadov, Dileep Rao, Kevin Foster, Jay Gordon, Lorna Raver, Irene Roseen, Art Kimbro, Tom Carey, John Paxton, Ricardo Molina, Chloe Dykstra, Jack White, Cherie Franklin, Bill E. Rogers, Nick Vlassopoulos, Aimee Miles, Tony A. Angelo, Lorne Raimi, Emma Raimi, Henry Raimi, Ali Dean, Jennifer Blackwell, Olga Babtchinskaia, Michael Peter Bolus, Peter Popp, Meyoung Laman, Shiloh Selassie, Jennifer Zhang, Flor de Maria Chahua
  • The Amityville Horror on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#36) The Amityville Horror

    • James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Murray Hamilton, Helen Shaver, Val Avery, Don Stroud, John Larch, Amy Wright, K. C. Martel, Meeno Peluce, Michael Sacks, Natasha Ryan
  • Jeepers Creepers on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#27) Jeepers Creepers

    • Justin Long, Eileen Brennan, Victor Salva, Gina Philips, Patricia Belcher, Jonathan Breck, Brandon Smith, William Haze, Tom Tarantini, Steven Raulerson, Tim Phoenix, Patrick Cherry, Avis-Marie Barnes, Peggy Sheffield, Kim Kahana, Jeffrey William Evans, Chris Shepardson, Jon Beshara, L'Tanya Van Hamersveld, Will Hasenzahl, Clint Wilder
  • The Conjuring on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#1) The Conjuring

    • Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Joey King, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston, Mackenzie Foy, Hayley McFarland, Shannon Kook-Chun, Shanley Caswell, Sterling Jerins
  • The Blair Witch Project on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#39) The Blair Witch Project

    • Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams, Patricia DeCou, Mark Mason, Jim King, Bob Griffin, Jackie Hallex, Ed Swanson, Sandra Sánchez
  • The Others on Random Best Supernatural Horror Movies

    (#14) The Others

    • Nicole Kidman, Christopher Eccleston, Michelle Fairley, Fionnula Flanagan, Keith Allen, Eric Sykes, Elaine Cassidy, Yasmin Paige, Renée Asherson, Alakina Mann, Gordon Reid, James Bentley, Alexander Vince

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Ghosts have always been a hot topic for mankind. Since ancient times, people from different countries have believed that there is a soul after death. It is not known what makes humans reach general knowledge in the era of information blockade. Ghost is just one of the common supernatural phenomena. Looking back at the history of movies, various thriller and horror films full of mysterious power have left a deep impression on many generations.

The directors are committed to weaving nightmares for the audience, making people believe that there is indeed an indescribable evil force in the world. Do you believe in supernatural power? The random tool helps you to find 144 of the best supernatural horror movies, you many watched some before.

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