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Random Sri Lankan Non-career Diplomatsreport

  • Daya Perera PC - Ambassador / Permanent Representative to United Nations (New York) and High Commissioner to Canada (Lawyers)

  • Gunasena de Soyza, CMG, OBE, CCS - High Commissioner to United Kingdom (Civil servants)

  • Dayan Jayatilleka - Permanent Representative to United Nations (Geneva); Consul General for Switzerland; Ambassador to France and UNESCO (Journalists)

  • General (Rtrd.) G. H. De Silva, RWP, RSP, VSV, USP - High Commissioner to Pakistan

    (Army) (Military officers)

  • Kusumsiri Balapatabendi - High Commissioner to Australia (Lawyers)

  • Susil Moonesinghe - Ambassador to Iran (Politicians)

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About This Tool

Because of the shortage of talents in Sri Lanka, even diplomats are divided into professional and non-professional diplomats. A total of 109 non-career diplomats were recorded in this random tool. They came from all walks of life, had their own full-time jobs to keep busy, and only came forward when the Sri Lankan government needed them, to fight for the country’s foreign policy.

From the generator you can see the specific occupation of each non-career diplomat, who may come from a different area of expertise, examples include architecture, business, academia, film, journalism, law, psychology, military, police, and politics. At the same time, they not only in their professional achievements but also achieved a certain degree of success, when the country needs them to stand up, with the professional level of the people abroad to see the Sri Lankan talent.

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