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Random Sri Lankan Film Directorsreport

  • Somaratna dissanayake (D)

  • Malaka Dewapriya (D)

  • Asoka Handagama (H)

  • Sanjeewa Pushpakumara (P)

  • Gamini Fonseka (F)

  • Titus Thotawatte (T)

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About This Tool

Sri Lankan cinema first sprouted in the early 1920s. Later, with the development of the local film industry, a number of actors and actresses, directors, writers, producers, and other roles were born. The 23 film directors compiled in this random tool are well-known local Sri Lankan directors who have devoted their lives to making films and have remained largely anonymous.

This generator in the collation of this list, above recorded all the director information is from different times, different period of the director. They have witnessed the development of the entire Sri Lankan film industry and the rise and fall of the entire world film industry. These directors, some of whom are very well-known, have won many different international awards, as well as the best director award and Other Inspiring Awards.

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