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  • Superlópez by Jan

  • La gorda de las galaxias by Nicolás Martínez Cerezo

  • Curro Córner by Ozelui

  • Feliciano by Manuel Vázquez

  • El Guerrero del Antifaz by Manuel Gago García

  • Alfalfo Romeo by Juan Carlos Ramis

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About This Tool

You may not know who he is, but you must have read their comics. Each character’s face is smiling but frowning, as if happy and as if sad. This is the charm of Spanish comics, with a different idea and flavor, so that many of the international cartoon addicted to them. This random tool compiles 84 classic Spanish comics, some of which have won international gold and Silver Awards.

These cartoons were published at different times, by different cartoonists, and the ideas and ideas they were intended to convey changed according to the cartoonist’s current mood. When we go through the list from the generator, you can find the full name of the Spanish comic, the names of the major cartoonists, and so on. These comics can not only bring joy to fans, but more to make them think, cause concern and attention to life.

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