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Random Spain International Footballers Born Outside Spainreport

  • [Name]: José Santamaría
    [Spain caps]: 16
    [Years active]: 1958–1962
    [Nation of birth]:  Uruguay
    (List of players)

  • [Name]: José Luis López Peinado
    [Spain caps]: 4
    [Years active]: 1972–1973
    [Nation of birth]:  Morocco
    (List of players)

  • [Name]: Thiago
    [Spain caps]: 37
    [Years active]: 2011–
    [Nation of birth]:  Italy
    (List of players)

  • [Name]: Thomas Christiansen
    [Spain caps]: 2
    [Years active]: 1993
    [Nation of birth]:  Denmark
    (List of players)

  • [Name]: Juan Antonio Pizzi
    [Spain caps]: 22
    [Years active]: 1994–1998
    [Nation of birth]:  Argentina
    (List of players)

  • [Name]: Eulogio Martinez
    [Spain caps]: 8
    [Years active]: 1959–1962
    [Nation of birth]:  Paraguay
    (List of players)

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About This Tool

One by one, the Spanish footballers have created glories. Not only is the local government supporting the local football industry from an early age, but many athletes themselves also love football, from an early age showed extraordinary talent. And many foreign-born Spanish footballers, who are not necessarily loyal to the Spanish team, may also be playing for other countries teams. There are plenty of footballers out there, and this random tool compiles a list of 41 relatively well known international players.

The generator lets you see a detailed list of every Spanish footballer born in another country, as well as the time of their career, the country they were born in, and the number of times they have participated in the Spain caps. These internationally known Spanish footballers have done well even in other countries, and have given birth to one subject after another that people talk about.

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