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Random Soviet Divisions 1917–45report

  • 43rd AA Division – with 60th Army of the 4th Ukrainian Front May 1945. (Antiaircraft Divisions)

  • 4th Guards Airborne Division (ex 1st Airborne Corps at Moscow Dec 1942). Fought at Kursk, Orel, Zhitomir, Korsun, Targul Frumos, Debrecen, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague. With 7th Guards Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front 5.45. Became 111th Guards Rifle Division 28 June 1945 while with 25th Guards Rifle Corps, 7th Guards Army. (Airborne Divisions)

  • 50th NKVD CFSD – *5.45 at Voronezh. (NKVD Divisions)

  • 2nd NKVD Railroad Security Division (RSD) – established 8.3.39 at Leningrad, with Leningrad and Special Baltic Military Districts. 11.2.42 became 23rd NKVD RSD. (NKVD Divisions)

  • 11th AA Division – with 46th Army of the 2nd Ukrainian Front May 1945. (Antiaircraft Divisions)

  • 5th Guards Cavalry Division – (ex 3rd Cavalry Division 22.12.41). ru:5-я гвардейская кавалерийская дивизия. Fought near Stalingrad and in Kurland. With 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps of the 2nd Belorussian Front 5.45. Elements of division later used in postwar formation of the 1st (later the 18th) Tank Division. The 18th was later reorganised as the 5th Guards Tank Division, which remains active today, having been relocated to the Transbaikal Military District in 1965.

    (Guards Cavalry Divisions) (Cavalry Divisions)

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About This Tool

In 1917, the Soviet Union officially launched the October Revolution, one of the major uprisings that shocked the world. The revolution was an armed uprising led by the Bolsheviks, under the leadership of comrade Vladimir Lenin, the teacher of the Great Revolution, to establish the second proletarian regime in the history of mankind. Between 1917 and 1945, there was a lot of smoke and fire, a lot of civil unrest, and a lot of partisanship. The list of separatists compiled in the random tool alone is 338.

The separatists, documented by the generator, were prominent members of the high profile and recognizable parties that led the war at the time. In the generator, you can find the full name of each splitter, the affiliation, the main events of the war, and the post-war dynamics. Between 1917 and 1945, the Soviet government suffered a great loss, the Soviet era ended, and Russia re-entered the new world.

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