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Random Soviet And Eastern Bloc Defectorsreport

  • [Defector]: Ryszard Kukliński
    [Profession/Prominence]: Polish colonel
    [Birthplace]: Poland
    [Year]: 1981
    [Notes]: Spied for USA for 10 years after 1970 massacre of Polish workers. Defected to United States. Sentenced to death in absentia. Later died of a stroke. Sentence was annulled in 1998 by the Polish Supreme Court.
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  • [Defector]: Czesław Miłosz
    [Profession/Prominence]: author
    [Birthplace]: Poland
    [Year]: 1951
    [Notes]: Defected to France after serving as a Polish diplomat and later settled in the United States
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  • [Defector]: Vitaly Yurchenko
    [Profession/Prominence]: KGB
    [Birthplace]: Russia
    [Year]: 1985
    [Notes]: Defected in Rome, Italy; exposed two KGB/CIA double agents, Ronald Pelton and Edward Lee Howard; ended up back in the KGB
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  • [Defector]: Matei Pavel Haiducu
    [Profession/Prominence]: Securitate
    [Birthplace]: Romania
    [Year]: 1978
    [Notes]: Defected to France in 1981 on an industrial espionage mission. He was sentenced to death in absentia.
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  • [Defector]: Valdo Randpere
    [Profession/Prominence]: Deputy minister of Justice
    [Birthplace]: Estonia
    [Year]: 1984
    [Notes]: Defected via Kotka, Finland to Sweden. Fled a Soviet crackdown on Estonian nationalism.
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  • [Defector]: Tamás Buday
    [Profession/Prominence]: sprint canoe
    [Birthplace]: Hungary
    [Year]: 1987
    [Notes]: Defected to Canada
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About This Tool

Soon after the Soviet Union was founded, immigration restrictions were imposed to prevent citizens from leaving the countries of the Union Republic of the Soviet Union. However, due to the harsh policies and local political and economic situation, many defectors still use various means to sneak into other countries. A total of 150 defectors were identified at the time, and a detailed list was compiled in this random tool.

These defectors are different in identity, in order to seek a better life and personal development, they are willing to challenge the policy and dictatorship, through various means to flee to other countries. Using the generator, we can see the names of the defectors, their primary identity and status, where they came from, when they defected, and to which country they fled. Some of the defectors were recaptured and severely tortured, while others escaped and have since been exiled.

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