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Random Sonoma State Cossacks Head Football Coachesreport

  • [No.]: 5
    [Coach]: Tim Walsh
    [Tenure]: 1989–1992
    [Seasons]: 4
    [Win]: 27
    [Loss]: 14
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .659
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 2
    [Coach]: Milt Cerf
    [Tenure]: 1980–1981
    [Seasons]: 2
    [Win]: 9
    [Loss]: 11
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .450
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 1
    [Coach]: Carl Peterson
    [Tenure]: 1970–1971
    [Seasons]: 2
    [Win]: 6
    [Loss]: 12
    [Tie]: 1
    [Pct.]: .342
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 3
    [Coach]: Tony Kehl
    [Tenure]: 1982–1986
    [Seasons]: 5
    [Win]: 12
    [Loss]: 40
    [Tie]: 0
    [Pct.]: .231
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]: 6
    [Coach]: Frank Scalercio
    [Tenure]: 1993–1996
    [Seasons]: 4
    [Win]: 7
    [Loss]: 30
    [Tie]: 1
    [Pct.]: .197
    [Bowls]: 0

  • [No.]:  
    [Coach]:  Totals 
    [Tenure]:  1969–1996 
    [Seasons]:  19
    [Win]:  72
    [Loss]:  117
    [Tie]:  2
    [Pct.]: .382
    [Bowls]:  0

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About This Tool

Sonoma State University has a very famous football team called Sonoma State Cossack University football team. They used to represent the school in all kinds of football matches and won good places at the same time. Before that, the team played in the NCAC until the 1996 season was permanently over. And why these college players can have the spirit of hardship and invincible confidence, I believe it is related to the random tool recorded in the 7 Head Football Coaches.

Most of these Head Football Coaches come from physical education teachers at various colleges and Football clubs. Some of them are footballers themselves, while others have been playing the role of Head Football Coache. There is no doubt that with their arrival, this team is invincible, becomes more determined and brave. The manager’s detailed list, tenure, participation in the season, win-lose rate and other information, are saved in this generator, for the benefit of interested friends to further view.

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