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  • Halima Aden (b. September 19, 1997) – American fashion model. She is noted for being the first Somali-American to compete and become a semi-finalist in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. (Models)

  • Abdi Mohamed Kusow – professor of sociology at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa; has written extensively on Somali sociology and anthropology (Academics)

  • Adan Haji Ali – judge and current Chief Justice of Somaliland (Judges)

  • Nimco Ahmed – Somali-American political activist; State Director for the DFL (Activists)

  • Liban Abdi Egal – founder and Chairman of First Somali Bank (Entrepreneurs)

  • Abdusalam Abubakar (b. 1989/90) – one of the youngest winners of the BT Young Scientist of the Year Award; later went on to win the European Union Contest for Young Scientists for his project, An Extension of Wiener's Attack on RSA (Scientists)

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The Somalis are the dominant ethnic group in Mali. Most live in North East Africa, with others in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia, northeastern Kenya and eastern Djibouti. The Somali people were well mannered, polite in speech and manner, polite in social intercourse, and full of strong national feelings. There are many talented people here, from all walks of life there are excellent people from Somali people.

The random tool generates 332 individuals who live or live in Somalia, complete with their names, dates of birth and death, major occupations, locations, accomplishments, etc., for those of you who want to find out more. Most of these Somali people residents are either born or have long lived here, and some have received more advanced education and cultural ideas from abroad. They have dedicated their lives to their loved ones and have become a source of pride for the Somali nation.

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