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Random Smaller Islands In New York Cityreport

  • Rulers Bar Hassock, home to Broad Channel (Jamaica Bay) (Queens)

  • Hog Island, destroyed (Queens)

  • Roosevelt Island (East River) (Manhattan)

  • Prall's Island (Arthur Kill) (Staten Island)

  • U Thant Island, legally Belmont Island (East River) (Manhattan)

  • Swinburne Island (Lower New York Bay) (Staten Island)

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About This Tool

New York City is an important city in the United States where politics, economy, culture and education are very developed. Small and large islands near New York are numerous, vary in size and date of their existence. This random tool compiles a list of 21 small islands near New York City that can be further visited by interested friends.

The small islands are located in different parts and cities of New York City. Some of the islands have been fully developed, full of a strong commercial style. Some of the islands are called Desert Island, and they are rich in flora and fauna and have been left unexplored for a variety of reasons. The small islands preserved in the generator attract thousands of visitors each year. Part of the island’s beautiful environment, fresh air, a variety of tourism resources, the need for all the services, many tourists and nearby residents of the first resort.

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