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Random Small Airlines And Helicopter Airlines Of Russiareport

  • [Name]: Komiaviatrans (Комиавиатранс)
    [ICAO]: KMA
    [Callsign]: KOMI AVIA
    [Founded]: 1967
    [Operating from]: Syktyvkar, Komi Republic
    [Details]: The airline was established in 1967 as the Aeroflot Komi Directorate and operates passenger and cargo charter services within Russia and wet leases in Asia, Africa and Europe with its fleet of Mil helicopters as well as aerial works (including patrols - especially of pipelines, medical transport, search-and-rescue, and environmental observation). Previously known as Komiavia
    [Incidents]: -
    [Fleet]: 32 x Mil Mi-8, 33 x Mil Mi-2
    [Aircraft]: Komiavia Mil Mi-8T Dvurekov.jpg
    [Website]: [13]

  • [Name]: Konvers Avia (ЗАО «Авиакомпания Конверс Авиа»)
    [ICAO]: CVS
    [Callsign]: CONVERS
    [Founded]: 1995
    [Operating from]:
    [Aircraft]: Konvers Avia Mil Mi-2.jpg

  • [Name]: Viraj (Вираж)
    [Operating from]: Shakhty, near Rostov
    [Details]: Viraj is an airline based in the Rostov region of Russia.
    [Incidents]: -
    [Fleet]: 22 X Antonov An-2
    [Website]: -

  • [Name]: Helix (Авиакомпания «Геликс»)
    [Founded]: 1993
    [Operating from]: Perm
    [Details]: Carries out patrols, search-and-rescue, air-ambulance, air-freight and charter passenger flights (especially for hunting, fishing and extreme sports). It has won the "Crystal Earthmaker" award (of Great Britain) as well as "The American Golden Certificate of International Prestige". In April 2011 the airline was sold to a mystery buyer
    [Incidents]: 14 September 2009 - The pilot and passenger were killed in a helicopter crash involving a Robinson R-44[9] near Lugovskoy (Perm).
    [Fleet]: 6 x Mil Mi-2, 6 x Mil Mi-8, 1 x Bell-206
    [Aircraft]: Helix Mil Mi-2 Naumenko.jpg
    [Website]: [11]

  • [Name]: Ufa Airlines (Авиакомпания «Уфимские авиалинии»)
    [Founded]: 2001
    [Operating from]: Ufa
    [Details]: Ufa Airlines is a charter airline based in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is the only airline in Russia (as of 2006) to provide regular medical charters. Ufa Airlines' other services include cargo transportation, aerial surveys and photography, aerial agricultural work, aerial advertising, sightseeing and charter passenger flights, emergency and search-and-rescue flights and crew training.
    [Incidents]: -
    [Fleet]: 11 x Antonov An-2, 10 x Robinson R-44, 1 x MBB/Kawasaki BK 117
    [Website]: [21]

  • [Name]: Altai Airlines (Алтайские авиалинии)
    [Founded]: 1998
    [Operating from]: Barnaul, Pavlovsky
    [Details]: Siberian passenger and cargo charter airline providing aerial services, aerial photography, aircraft maintenance and fuel supply.
    [Incidents]: -
    [Fleet]: Antonov An-2, Robinson R-44, 18 x Mil Mi-8
    [Aircraft]: Altai Airlines Antonov An-2.jpg
    [Website]: [6]

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About This Tool

Russia has all kinds of airlines, both international and domestic. But smaller, helicopter-and helicopter-sized carriers are a niche group, flying mostly to and from the country or only to the nearest country. There are about 32 such airlines, and a detailed list is compiled in this random tool.

You can also see the specific names of each airline from this generator, when it was founded, who it belonged to, Incidents, Fleet, a brief introduction, and so on. These are relatively new commercial aircraft, most of which are less than 20 years old. With hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, it is one of the main revenue sources in Russia. In its heyday, Aeroflot covered more than 3,000 cities and towns, more than 100 international destinations, and had a fleet of tens of thousands of passengers, more than the number of domestic passengers in the United States.

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