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Random Slap Bass Players (double Bass)report

  • Geoff Kresge

  • Lee Rocker

  • William Manuel Johnson

  • Djordje Stijepovic

  • Kim Nekroman

  • Marshall Lytle

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About This Tool

Slap Bass was invented early on by a young musician named Larry Graham, though in the 1970s most Bass players used fingers or pick to play the strings. Slap Bass can save the cost of team members, but also can play music more efficiently, improve the generated sound effect. The new technique became so popular around the world that many musicians began to follow it and use it in their concerts.

This random tool compiles a list of 17 musicians who specialize in the Slap Bass style, from different eras and countries. Many of them were famous Bass players or members of the band, who used the Slap Bass format to bring their brand to life and make the show a huge success.

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