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  • Chas Smash (2 Tone ska revival (starting in late 1970s))

  • Mad Caddies (Third wave ska (starting in early 1980s))

  • The Slackers (Third wave ska (starting in early 1980s))

  • Bomb The Music Industry! (Post-third wave (starting in early 2000s))

  • Talco (Post-third wave (starting in early 2000s))

  • Mike Barson (2 Tone ska revival (starting in late 1970s))

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About This Tool

The Ska is an enduring genre of music, and it’s interesting that it was found in the basement. Ska became popular in Jamaica in the early 1960s and became popular music for the local youth. The music was largely an uninspired combination of Jamaican musicians local Mento and improvisational minor music with American jazz and R & B from high-frequency radio waves. A detailed list of the 244 artists around the world who excel in this genre can be found in this random tool.

These famous Ska musicians developed at different times, in different eras, and the first musicians recorded in the generators were the most primitive musicians that had just emerged from the 1950s. And then at every different time, there’s a different group of musicians who are known for their work. This kind of music is mainly born for dance, is the fast-paced music, to convey optimism, happy music, such music is exciting.

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