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Random Single Sign-on Implementationsreport

  • [Product Name]: Distributed Access Control System (DACS)
    [Project/Vendor]: Distributed Systems Software
    [License]: Free Software
    [Identity management platform]:

  • [Product Name]: Microsoft account
    [Project/Vendor]: Microsoft
    [License]: Proprietary
    [Identity management platform]:
    [Description]: Microsoft single sign-on web service

  • [Product Name]: Ubuntu Single Sign On
    [Project/Vendor]: Canonical Ltd.
    [License]: Proprietary
    [Identity management platform]:
    [Description]: OpenID-based SSO for Launchpad and Ubuntu services

  • [Product Name]: LoginRadius
    [Project/Vendor]: LoginRadius Inc.
    [License]: Proprietary
    [Identity management platform]: Yes
    [Description]: Cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management with User Registration, Social login, Federated SSO(SAML 1.1, Saml 2.0, Oauth2, JWT, Multipass, etc.), and Web single sign on.

  • [Product Name]: Imprivata OneSign
    [Project/Vendor]: Imprivata
    [License]: Proprietary
    [Identity management platform]:

  • [Product Name]: CAS / Central Authentication Service
    [Project/Vendor]: Apereo
    [License]: Free & Open Source (Apache 2.0)
    [Identity management platform]:
    [Description]: Protocol and open-source SSO server/client implementation with support for CAS, SAML1, SAML2, OAuth2, SCIM, OpenID Connect and WS-Fed protocols both as an identity provider and a service provider with other auxiliary functions that deal with user consent, access management, impersonation, terms of use, etc. Licensed under Apache 2.0.

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About This Tool

When a user logs in once on the authentication server, he can gain access to other associated systems and applications in the single sign-on system, at the same time, this implementation does not need the administrator to modify the user’s login status or other information, this convenient and concise access mode is now very popular Single Sign-on login mode. There are currently 34 widely accepted forms of logging in, all recorded in this random tool.

Now saved in the generator of these login methods to reduce the time consumption generated by the login, assisted by user management, is currently more popular the most popular login methods. If you want to find more forms, the generator collates all products that use the Single Sign-on login mode, use the manufacturer, License, and a brief description of the login form. In everyday life, many people have trouble remembering the login passwords for certain websites, as most users have to remember no fewer than 10 usernames and corresponding passwords. Using the Single Sign-on login mode will better help people remember this information quickly.

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