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Random Silver Age Comics Creatorsreport

  • Joe Gill (Writers)

  • Marie Severin (Pencilers)

  • Don Heck (Pencilers)

  • Jim Mooney (Pencilers)

  • Jack Schiff (Editors)

  • Jim Aparo (Pencilers)

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About This Tool

Silver Age Comics refers to a period of great artistic and commercial success for mainstream American Comics, especially in the area of superheroes. Representatives of superheroes include Superman, spider-man, Captain America, Green Lantern and many other heroes from comics. And it can not do without the dedication of many good cartoonists. They put their emotions and thoughts into their work, creating the world-famous Silver Age.

In this random tool are 71 different Silver Age Comics creators. They could be Editors, Writers, Pencilers, Inkers, Letterers, etc. . But in this unique Age of Silver Age, where important comic book writers and artists have generate significant contributions, DC began releasing more superhero comics in response to strong market demand, this has prompted Marvel Comics and others to follow suit, opening up more diverse markets around the world.

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